Friday, October 06, 2006

Aaaaaaand, she's off!

This is me, most of this week:

Waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

But, it's almost here. And this will be me at the end of Friday's workday:

In the next 4 days, I will travel over 2,500 miles. I will tag up to Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. I will meet people. I will see friends.

I will spend an entire day, and then some, with my son.


He's here! He is, at this moment, in this town, having traveled all night and gotten in during the wee hours. He is sleeping at his Dad's house, which is about 1/2 mile from where I sit right now. It's taking all I have not to just march down there, bang down the door, and hug the stuffing out of him. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up and hug your mother!

So, a lot going on this weekend, he'll be busy tomorrow, and I am going on a fun little road trip, that you will, in all likelihood, read about next week. I'll be home Sunday, to share a shindig with Brian, his friends, and more family. Monday and Tuesday will be another trip, to deliver him and his buddy back to their base in Georgia, and then a nice long, 14-hour drive home, on Tuesday.

Don't worry: I will drive nice and safe, and I promise not to flirt with truckers. If I find time, I'll drop a few pix here, but otherwise...see you Wednesday, kiddies!

Oh, before I forget, here's my Saturday traveling companion, singing a very long song that she wrote for just such occasions:


  1. you'd better drive nicely! the troopers are everywhere....

  2. can't watch the video - but always nice to stop by

  3. YAY! He's home! But why wouldn't you flirt with truckers...?

  4. The content of that song are definitely moving...

    ::jerks back!

  5. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Is she Russian?

  6. No, she's not Russian. :-)


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