Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rewind Part II: Girl's Night in Columbus, OH

A few months ago, Maryland bloggers Wendy and Kristin contacted me with a hare-brained idea: Let's meet somewhere around the half-way point for a Girl's Night Out.

We didn't think it was hare-brained, but there were those in Wendy's circle that did; they insisted that we were axe murderers, and that she was crazy. Likewise, someone in Momo's office summed Wendy and Kristin up in the same manner. Simply put, "They're murderers."

We doubted it.

Last Saturday, we met them in Columbus, OH, in an eclectic, artsy neighborhood called Short North.

We were so excited when we got there! I threw the car in park and we frantically walked in their direction. You should have seen the waving and carrying on, when we spotted them across the street!! Hooting and hugging ensued, and we were off from there.

My head is still spinning about just how lovely the day was. I knew we would have a good time, but I was also aware that putting any 4 women together for 12 hours can be cause for potential friction. Hell, I don't dare put some of my own friends in the same room, for one petty reason or another.

Hey Mikey! We played very well together! Some of my favorite parts of the day were those in which we grabbed a booth in an empty pizza place, and gabbed away over diet cokes. And again, crashing in a cozy coffee shop, eating granola bars and talking more. Our lives, families, jobs. Hurdles and highlights. We covered a lot of territory, some serious and some pure fluff. For an R-rated example of just what all we managed to cover in our conversation, click here.

We ended up at Haiku for dinner. By the time we were seated, we were on our 2nd drink, and were having so much fun that we couldn't have cared less what we ate. Kristin's brother Dan showed up with a friend, Jen, and we were 6, screaming and laughing for hours. Some of the pictures are in 4 separate entries of Just One.

We moved on from the restaurant, to a divey little bar. For a drink. A good idea, as we clearly didn't have enough to drink at the restaurant:

I think those were just MY glasses.

This is a photo of the path to the ladies room, in our divey little bar. Now you know why women go to the restroom in pairs.

We met Sarah in the restroom, and escorted her out and back to civilization. There was no way we were leaving her down there alone! We women gotta stick together.

We photographed OTHER Girls having Girl's Night Out. These high school girls at the next table joined Marcy in a chorus of some rap song that I don't know because I'm way too old. And for the record, I never looked like that in any dress. Ever.

Who are these people? I have no idea. I came home with lots of photos of lots of people I didn't know.

We got free hugs. Free! Heck, I might have even coughed up a dollar to hug this cutie.

And, at midnight, we all agreed to get tattoos, and walked 9 blocks in heels to the tattoo parlor to do just that.

There are reason tattoo parlors close before midnight, and a Gaggle of Martini-Filled Girls is just one of them. Thank god they were closed, god knows what I'd otherwise have written across my ass right now.

After not getting tattoos, we hopped in a cab and mucked back to the hotel, saying our goodbyes around 2 in the a.m.

Crazy, those naysayers told us we were, for driving 6 hours to meet one another.

Crazy not to, I say.

We left with new, I am sure, lifelong friends.

As Wendy told me before she left, "my world expanded today."

Yeah. Mine too.


  1. First! Woot! Great couple of posts and wonderful pics as always. Sorry about my recent whinging. Today you get special mention on my bloggy for being such a good pal. Thanks sweetie! Rock on!
    PS: clearly I need 6 months in the army. Sheesh!

  2. What fun! Road trips are always a good idea:) Hmmm, if the tattoo place had been open....that could be a post all by itself!

  3. No tattoos??

    No hands clasped together and "Forgive me for I have sinned" on your back???

    PS..I need to move to your area..

  4. Who is the one with the tattoo. .. Hmm .. Sounds like a lot of fun .. I wish I could go ..

  5. You're an inspiration, babe. And a babe, if I may say so.

  6. I had SUCH a blast! I'd do it over again in an instant...

    it was wonderful.

    It was so great meeting Wendy and Kristin...Wendy is so interesting, laid-back and cool and Kristin could just possibly be my female "SOULMATE!!!" (There is a picture of this declaration on the Just One page...)

    Thanks for inviting me and driving me, Gnightgirl (a/k/a the best travel companion ever).

  7. Thanks Andy, hang in there dahlink!

    Jodie: you up for the next tattoo night?

    Mary P: That would have been Perfect! I'll keep it in mind...And yes! Move here! Move in with me! Bring Miss C and the Empress!

    Ilaiy: Several of us had tattoos...I'm not naming names.

    Larry: pshaw. When are you and Barb coming to C-U, again?

    Momo: PinkTini's for everyone. Make mine with olive juice!

  8. This is amazing - I just totally relived last weekend. THANKS!

    I can't tell you how happy I am to know you & Momo. What WERE we going to get tattoed anyway? Yikes.

  9. That sounds absolutely wonderful. Also, thanks for the Betty tip. :)

  10. Hi Ggirl

    Thank you for commenting on my site...three girls from out of town, on a road trip, on a girls night out...I think columbus had more to worry about than you will just have to start the next "girls night out" at the tattoo parlor, and go from there...

  11. Dang I am away a couple of days and miss all sorts of posts!!!

    So really - how do you know they still are NOT axe murderers?

    And does and axe murderer murder axes?

  12. How fun!!! Road trips, booze, and new friends...Does it get any better than that?

    love ya!

  13. What's halfway between Champaign and Worcester?????

  14. Love the pictures! It sounds like a total blast!!

  15. Wow! That sounds like so much fun!

    So you didn't get a tattoo, huh. What tattoo were you planning on getting?

  16. High school girls didn't look like that in my day.

    I checked an old yearbook just to be sure.

  17. Sounds like fun!


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