Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Meep Meep!

I'm home. 733 miles each way. I have a quick observation, before I Zzzzzzzzzz, sink into bed:

Truckers are MUCH friendlier when you aren't lugging three 20-year-0ld men around with you. Yesterday, not even one trucker honked his horn at us.

Today, it was 11 hours of foghorns, and my honking and waving back. "Hi! Hi, truckdriver! Sayonara now, I'm driving 80 mph today, but thanks for the nod!"

Thanks go to Pobble, for encouraging me to flirt with them.

It was so much more fun than counting dead deer.


  1. Glad you made it home safely!

  2. Wow! I guess I'm not the only one who's been road tripping all over the place! Weighing your purse and running made me laugh. Also the "going on a trip" song was a riot. I drove from Dallas to Austin and back with The Spitfire. Good trip.

  3. Glad you can say 'hi' to your truckdrivers over there..

    I'm not even gonna type what may happen in a similiar situation over here...

    Sounds like your having a great time..
    I am so jealous right about now.

  4. "counting dead deer" :)

  5. I love friendly co-drivers.

    There's nothing better than a friendly wave and a nod on the road sometimes...especially long distance driving.

  6. According to the CIA World Factbook (subtitled "Trust this information at your peril"), the UK is 'slightly smaller then Oregon'. To get a decent road trip out of that, you need to travel the length of the entire country (about 9 hours drive), though there's precious little to do at either extremity.

    I'd love to be a trucker for a day and beep at people - what fun!

  7. Glad the trip was safe. Glad you enjoyed the truckers. :)


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