Saturday, October 28, 2006

Commentary & A Blogger Challenge

I had a lovely, late sleep this morning, shuffling into my living room at 9 in the a.m. This is what one corner of my living space looked like:

In addition, I have crystals that throw multi-color rainbows in various shapes and sizes throughout my home, when the sun is shining just so.

Thing is, I'm a working stiff (who isn't?), and am rarely in my own home to witness that which I've set up. I relish mornings in which I can lounge in PJs, sip coffee, and watch the natural light show that I've set up in my home.

Today, I was reminiscent of Morphological Confetti's last blog entry, "The D.C. I See." Stephen's blog moved me, as it always does, because what most people are racing by and missing, he is capturing in thoughts and photography. And I'm pretty sure he's racing to his own job, and taking care of his own family and his own daily responsibilities and obligations, as we are. But he tunes in.

I contemplated my home. I think that we also often miss things in our own homes. We are busy acquiring STUFF. Stuff that we MUST have, STUFF that gives us joy to bring home and unwrap, and set about our space. And STUFF that we often give little thought to, once we acquire it: There! Mine! Now what?

As coffee was brewing this morning, I got out my camera, and I looked around my house, and I took a few shots of a few things I like.

This spider plant, dumped into a bowl I got for $2 at a garage sale this summer. It sat outside on my porch until I brought it in for winter.

This guy. I've had him for years, and used him for both visual aid and decorative touch.

A small leather purse. You may think you've read about it before, but you haven't. It was begifted to me by a friend after I wrote about a different leather purse just like it, last Mother's Day. It sits now, in front of one of my favorite pictures of my son.

This photo hangs inside my front door. These are the shoes of the boys that crashed in my den during their teen years, playing PS2, IM'ing girls (sometimes even me, in the next room), and eating me out of house and home.


Would you all be willing to slow down for just one second, and find one or two material items in your house that bring you joy/memories/sentiment?

Will you photograph them and put them on your blog, or write about them, if you don't have a camera?

If you don't have a blog, send me a photo, and I'll post it, with your blessing.

Those that play, let me know, and I will link to you here.

It's not that I want to place excess value on material items. It's just nice to slow down and acknowledge those things that put a smile on our face. We need not to rush by them.

Spread the word: Game On.


  1. Did this one just over a year's the link:

    but I don't know how to make it 'lankable' in here - do you?

  2. Yes ma'am. I'll get right on it. Just give me a few days. Lots of rushing around to come. Too busy to slow down and look around. ;)

  3. I hope this qualifies. I took this picture and wrote this piece over the weekend, about an old and cherished friend who's been with me in and out of the house for many years: My relic of a guitar amplifier. I started out to write about the new one, that's supposed to replace the old one, but the post turned out to be more about the old one. Maybe the piece goes on a bit too much in guitar-speak, but I wrote it for myself, and I know what it means.

    Your home and your photography are lovely. (A few more pix around the neighborhood and my stalking map will be complete. And just in time for Halloween, bwah ha ha ha ha.)

  4. I wrote this back in April but I think the photos went a bit hinky when I moved blogs. Never can resost a challenge though, so will get right on it!

  5. Dammit! Now I have another assignment! OK, I'm game. Might take me a minute to get to though. VERY busy. Hope you're well my lovely. Kisses!

  6. What a nice surprise! I'm happy to inspire! I love your photos! I especially love the old change purse and the little reading figurine.

  7. Stephen Bess2:05 PM

    ...oh, and I love the natural lighting on the first photo. The plants are beautiful!

  8. OK - IF ...I can get blogger to cooperate - I will try this, probably NOT gonna be what most would expect though.

    We will see if blogger cooperates.

    By the way - it is always intriguing how you can tell stories with pictures - I know I have said this before

  9. After an eternity trying to upload pictures today so I can rise to your challenge, I've given up. Yes, I'm a quitter.

    Instead, I've posted on Finding Blanche Elsewhere.

  10. Beautiful pot in which you've put that spider plant! I adore blue and white dishes, and in fact, if I were to send you a picture, it would be of my Burleigh Calico dishes, which I bought in an antique store with my first decent paycheck from my freelance gigs. However, since my camera is not working, I'll simply link to a site with pictures of the same dishes..... does that still qualify? :)

  11. Oh, I've been commenting on your comments on the actual blog. I just love-love-love that you're all playing along. This is so much fun!


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