Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rewind, Part I

I'm suddenly on Fast-Forward, and panicking about what I might not blog if I don't blog it now.

For weeks now, Momo and I have been in cahoots to meet Wendy and Kristin, The Two-Most Dynamic East Coast Bloggers from Maryland. I was looking forward to it last week when Brian's father called me on Wednesday, and offhandedly mentioned Brian's trip into town. This weekend.

WHAT?!! My son, whom I have not seen in 3 months, is coming to town this weekend? THIS weekend? I need to plan! Or Re-plan. Or something!

And why didn't he tell me? Wahhhh. I pouted. How come his Dad knew he was coming into town and I didn't? Sniff. Maybe I should call him more. Maybe I should call him less. Do I drive him crazy? I am, after all, driving myself crazy just thinking like this!

But Momo gave me a good verbal slap upside my head: "He was going to surprise you!"

Thank God for girlfriends that can set us straight, before we get about making a scene!

When I called Brian and let him know that his Dad had let the cat out of the bag, his first words were "I was going to surprise you." Of course you were, sweety. I knew it all along.

Short story long, he told me not to cancel my plans for Saturday—he wouldn't be home anyway.

I saw him, and the 2 guys he brought home with him, on Friday night. I hung out with them Sunday afternoon, and took them out for dinner on Sunday night. And I spent 11 hours with them on Monday, escorting them back to their base in GA.

I'll write about the Girls Trip next. In the meantime, here's what 6 months in the Army will do to your kid:


  1. What a cutie. Wish I was 19. (hee hee) Don't tell Andrew.

  2. He's got slices!

  3. Those are some guns he's packing. I think my flat mate should quit the protein shakes and join the army!

  4. There are bloggers in Maryland? No shit.
    When Sean went off for Basic and AI training he was a lanky kid and he came home still skinny but so much more mature.

    I need to join the Army ASAP..
    Ya' think I could bring my Manolo's?

  6. Holy cow! What a difference. He's a doll in both pics.


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