Saturday, January 13, 2007

19,999 + 1

One Mother's Translation of George Bush's Jan. 11 Announcement

Yah, that's what keeps going through my head in the last few days: 19,999...and Brian. 21,499...and Brian.

Brian, as I write, has his bags packed for desert training, at Fort Irwin, in California. He heads to the airport around 6 p.m. tonight, and will board a plane at 1 a.m. He will return in one month.

He will leave for Iraq on March 15.

Yes, we have a date, he called me last night to let me know, lacing his conversation with "don't cry yet." I didn't.

We talked about how he feels, how he is. I unconsciously, nervously, scribbled random words as we spoke. After he hung up, I sat facing a yellow post-it note with "terrified" "do what I got to do" "scared for my friends" and "do my job and come back" scratched across it.

Don't tell him: I maybe, just a little, cried a little.

Then I picked up my pen and started praying and drawing.


  1. Wonderful work ..


  2. Your words, art, and feelings are a wonderful addition to my day of perusing blogs.

    Thanks for what you share.

  3. Hang in there mama. Brian will be fine. I'm deeply, deeply sorry you have to go through this.

  4. Thanks for reminding that these things aren't just on the television. I'm thinking of you both x

  5. This is very powerful. Whatever I might say is inadequate for what you're going through. You and Brian are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Hey there. You express yourself so beautifully. xxoo. I'll pray too. He'll be okay - you will too.

  7. I didn't ask for you or Brian's permission before I started crying. I'm crying with you and I'll be laughing with you when he comes home.

  8. Anonymous1:00 PM

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  9. what in the world is this previous comment?!? it kinda sucked the teariness right outta me...

    your writing (and visual add-ins) are very powerful. keeping you (and brian) in my thoughts.

  10. As you can imagine, my thoughts are with you and Brian. I can't begin to comprehend the pain and uncertainty you face, and just hope you both come through it safely.

  11. Ilaiy: tyvm

    CB: Anytime. Thanks for listening.

    Larry: I'm hanging tough.

    Sveny: I can't quite get that through my head either, that this isn't a TV thing.

    Amishlaw: Thank you; we'll take all ya got.

    Wendy: Thanks, hon.

    Laurie: Sniff. Thanks.

    Si: It appears that the devil himself commented on my blog, can you believe it? I fixed him, and hope he doesn't come back...yeeks!

    Mal: "Uncertainty" is the perfect word. It's maddening.

  12. Love the drawring! And I couldn't help but think of you and Brian while I listened to his (intolerable) speech the other night.

    Brian WILL be OK.


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