Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Spay your cats!

Shortly after posting yesterday's blog, the new Minxy and I were curled up on the couch, she snoring on an old pillow I gave her, and occasionally sneezing, with me throwing out "bless you's."

She suddenly became restless and whiny, and I coo'd and tried to comfort her to no avail. I'm going to try to put this as delicately as possible, but it became immediately apparent that something was wrong. There was something underneath her, something that did not appear that it should be outside of her kitty-cat body.

***This might get graphic. Save yourself; hit Next Blog NOW***

I freaked out and got Momo on the phone. She knows everything about all cats. The minute she picked up, I screeched, "this cat just blooped out a piece of MEAT all over her pillow! Something came OUT of her. It's entrails or something!!"...and then a lot more cacophony.

While Marcy ran to get the cat book, and look up a symptom that mirrored the one I was screeching about, Minx ran off and hid. I found her finally, cleaning up her 2nd delivery: This one a stillborn kitten. Ah, light shed on the first round--it did NOT look kittenish. Hey, I don't know nuthin 'bout birthin' no kittens!! I immeditely calmed down and got to feeling awful for my new lil' baby.

I placed some old towels under her in the closet, and left her to let nature take its course.

But she followed me back out and hopped back up on her pillow, now also covered with old towels. In the interim, I called my niece and nephew, and they drove over to help out with kitty labor, and break up the tension.

Brandi's used to poking around and picking up yuk-stuff in her studies, and she was far less puked out than I was about...disposal. I'm convinced that Dane will follow in her footsteps, only as a forensic photographer. He grabbed my camera, and...well trust me. If you get your hands on my laptop, do NOT look at the folder labeled "kittens."

The three of us nursed little Minxy through delivering 6 stillborn kittens, she sleeping with her paw on my arm between rounds. By 11:30, she was all cleaned up and starving, seemingly back in business...if not much thinner; who could have thought it possible?

She ate like a horse, and settled back into her bed. Today, she is content, energetic, using the litter box properly, and right at home here, warm and fed.

We have appointments for a kitty physical scheduled, and she'll be spayed after her milk dries up, in a month. I'm personally hoping that her digestive system will acclimate ASAP, as she is currently quite a farty little thing.

I just keep thinking how different last night would have been for this little one, if I hadn't picked her up last night. I wonder if she'd even be alive this morning.

I wouldn't know, really.

None of us would.

"Maybe one will just find you," Momo had told me.

Yeah. And just in the nick of time.


  1. Wow, a bit of drama. Why would anyone want to own a cat? They just do this and this!

  2. Ah, the humanity!

    effing unbelievable.

  3. Anonymous10:12 PM

    So glad you have a little buddy to keep you company! Adorable!
    My cats are fuzzy little furballs of "feel better' when I've had a rough day!
    yea to new friends!!
    You both were sending
    *~*~cosmic kitty vibes~*~*

  4. Wow, you sure know who to stir up an uneventful evening! Minx was lucky to find you, I bet her previous owner knew she was pregnant and threw her out on the street to fend for herself, stress probably killed the kittens. When I had to put my 23 year old dog, Mija, to sleep I swore I'd never get another pet. Six months later a stray cat had her kittens in my backyard and I kept all three. I had Bubba 9 years, Missy 12 years, and Sissy 19 years. Bestest kittys ever, I miss them.

  5. your never-ending adventures are riveting, i swear! what a night! minxy is lucky to have "adopted" you.

  6. I was on the edge of my seat reading this post. Thank goodness you found each other!

  7. I have goosebumps now. That's sad that she lost all her kitties tho. She's so lucky to have found you.

  8. I am sooo very glad that you two found each other. I can't bear to think how she might have ended up the other night...

    But, as fate would have it, she is happy and safe and sound at your loving home!

  9. I do not believe in coincidence....not any more..

  10. Dogbait: HA! Love the 2nd one. Silly kitty!

    SS: Yah. Poor baby.

    Zia: Yay! Let's drink to new friends!

    AZ: Yeah, I'd like to get my hands on her previous owners.

    Si: Adventure. That's my middle name.

    Mary, Mom, and Momo: I'm glad we bumped into one another too. She's a sweety.

    Mary P: I'm beginning to wonder myself...

  11. Wow! Well, I guess you're her guardian angel for sure. Glad you had some helpers and didn't have to do it all on your own! Ick. :)

  12. I'm so sorry for the kittens, but so glad Minx has you. Wow - that is NO coincidence, I agree. You needed each other, that's for sure. Hey - that's some start to the relationship! Hopefully, it will be less dramatic moving forward...

  13. Hi G

    I've thought much about getting a pet lately, but more likely a dog and preferably an un-pregnant one. Growing up on a farm I got quite used to critters popping out miniatures all over the place but usually not that quickly...

  14. That's hilarious--"It's entrails or something!" . . . it's *motherhood* that will not leave you alone.

    Anyway, she's quite beautiful & elegant! I'm sure you'll be very happy together.

  15. Ooh, I would have flipped the eff out! I'm happy that your new little friend is ok after the ordeal.

  16. Wow, how lucky for her that you took her in, in the nick of time! It's heartbreaking that she was just out there, starving and pregnant. But so great that she's got a home now. All three of my cats "came" to me in that sort of way, too. You've done such a good thing...


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