Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tell Me Something I Don't Know...

Round 3

Let's keep it mundane this time. I'll go first:

I've won 2 things in my life: A Palm Pilot from a radio station, and an afghan from a church raffle.

Your turn. Reveal something mundane that we don't know, in comments, or on your own blog.

I'm waiting.


  1. I have super soft kitty feet. Seriously, I don't go barefoot, ever. Thus, my feet are silky soft and smooth.

  2. I was one of the first girl grocery baggers that Kroger ever hired. I think they thought we'd distract the boys, which we did. Immediately.

  3. I wish so bad that I could dance, but sadly, that is exactly how I do it.

  4. I love a bite of ramon noodles with hot sauce accompanied by a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.

  5. I hate mustard. But I love the color - my bedroom walls are mustard colored.

  6. I can't parallel park but I shake a great Martini!

  7. Anonymous12:17 AM

    I once ran over one of those 'place your order here' boxes at a fast food drive up and just left cause i didn't want to have to get out and walk inside. It didn't even dent my truck.

  8. I won a tea pot at a school fete on the spinning wheel when I was 7 and the day before I had broken my mothers best pot.

    I've run 10 marathons.

  9. I often call my son's cell phone and leave this on his voicemail
    "Don't do drugs, this public service announcement is brought to you by your mother"

  10. Chuckie has BabyButtFeet! I did not know that! Well, mine are like leather.

    Susan: Cool, you helped pave the way to equal rights for women!

    Larry: Do it anyway!

    Brown English Muffin: The ramen and hot sauce I like, and the PBJ I like...but together? Hmmm

    Wendy: I love mustard, but only the spicy stuff. I like the color too.

    Jodie: We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Make mine dirty.

    Anon: Oooo, I'm dying to uncover your identity, you bad thang!

    Dogbait: I walked in a five-mile-athon once. That is all.

    LML: Let me give you my son's cell phone number...

  11. When I was a kid, I loved sandwhiches filled with Cocoa Pebbles..

    I wanted to be a ballet dancer...I'm teaching my few skills to Miss C..

  12. Something mundane that you don't know about me, eh?

    One of my most favorite things to do is to hop in my car and go for a good long drive.
    I love driving.

    That's pretty mundane, but it's never been revealed here in blogland before.

  13. If I have to choose a number, I will choose three or thirteen. Whenever I flip a coin, I will choose tails.

  14. I cant swallow pills...nomatter how small I have a mental block that forces me to chew them.

    Once a year or so I remember to buy a lottery ticket. I play 1,2,3,4,5,6

  15. Mundane, hmm... I can chug a quart of water in under a minute. I've only ever tried it with water, but I'm guessing I could do it with beer, too, if needed ;)

  16. Hi G

    I have a grapefruit tree growing in my kitchen that is taller than I am, but alas no grapefruits...

  17. My single parent mom was a secretary and we were really poor living paycheck to paycheck.

    My elementary school we had a big raffle for something like $300 worth of groceries.

    We won the grocery raffle. You can't imagine how happy we were.
    Looking back I have to wonder if it was set up.

  18. When I was in first grade I won a labrador puppy in a raffle. I named her Cindy. She died very shortly of hip dysplasia. :o(

    I used to love to eat sandwiches spread with real butter and sprinkled with sugar.

    And my "numbers" are any multiple of five.

  19. Ooo, I love this game!

    Mary: Cocoa pebbles...and peanut butter? And bologna? Or just on white bread? Can hardly wait to see Miss C in a tu-tu.

    Tai: I love to drive also, a day-trip or afternoon road trip with the camera is my favorite thing to do.

    BostonPobble: I guess I'll take heads then.

    Steakbellie: You're the worlds greatest champion speed eater grand puba of all time, and you can't swallow a pill? Try putting it on the plate and eating it with your hands tied behind your back.

    Jade: Blind Pig, next Friday, 8:00. I'll have the video camera.

    Dagoth: Maybe you need a boy grapefruit tree to keep it company.

    Mary: Isn't that interesting to contemplate; it might have been a setup? Wonderful either way!

    Holly: Can you imagine raffling off puppies at school carnivals now? Lordy!

  20. I broke our brand new sofa three days after we paid for it. I blamed it on a manufacturing fault and my boyfriend believed me.

    I love goats cheese

  21. Sveny: How many times have we told you not to jump on the sofa?!

    I love goat cheese too. I love any cheese.

  22. I struggled with it for the first twenty years of my life, and then I realized it just wasnt worth the mental pain. For some reason my mind had erected a wall that it didnt want me to cross, and from then I dont even try, I just chew everything. My wife and kids all make fun of the irony.

    I can tell what's in the medicine just by the taste. I really like Aspirin. The worst ever? Tetracycline!!!!

  23. Crap... now I'm going to have to practice... see you on Friday! :D

  24. My tongue never gets tired and I breathe through my ears. Hey, you asked...


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