Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sundays with Mama

I looked forward to picking my Mother up for lunch & fun, today. I took her, about 10 days ago, to my Grandmother's house, dropped her off for a "mini-vacation" with her own mother and sister.

Apparently it was 10 days of Gramma-partying! 10 days of playing Crazy 8s, and staying up til midnight. And in the interim getting a perm, a manicure, a new coat, new sweaters, new jeans, and new tennis shoes. Those Girlz went Crazy! I joined Mom today to find her relaxed and giggly and gorgeous.

I wondered, today, if in our taking care of our Mother, my sister and I may sometimes overlook pampering her.


It was Bite-Your-Face-Off cold today. I dropped Mom at every door, then ran for it after finding parking spaces. Screaming as you run helps get your mind off of the temperature. It also clears potential door-blocking pedestrians.

We stopped into Macy's; I wanted to check the price of a pressure cooker. I dropped Mom, found my space, scream-ran on the way in, and met her in the foyer. We walked through the store, rode up the elevator, and meandered about the pots and pans a few minutes while I yammered aloud about a particular pressure cooker I'd seen online. While I was yammering, it occurred to me that Mom was also yammering, caught up in her own little world, and finally telling me "this just doesn't seem right."

I turned to find her twisting and struggling with her new gloves. She'd been wearing her right one like this since I dropped her off at the door:

No matter how much tugging she did on the fingers of her glove, she could not get them into proper alignment with the fingers on her hand.

We both got into a giggling fit right there in the kitchen department. By the time I put my camera away to help straighten her out, I'd rinsed most of my eye makeup down my cheeks.

This photo still sets me into hysterics.

I know, I know, it was one of those "you had to be there" situations. And really, it was just one more Sunday moment with my mother, that would have passed if I hadn't noted it here.

I love these moments with my Mom; a brief, belly-aching laugh before we go on with our day, finishing our errands and getting affairs for the next week in order.

And it comes to me, as I look at these and a few other pictures I took this afternoon:

This is as good as a manicure.


  1. you're a good daughter.

  2. I'm sick and I feel like poop. I was sitting on the couch and I remembered a dish my Mom would cook for me when I was a little girl. I went to the kitchen and got two eggs, mixed in 4 teaspoons of sugar and 3 teaspoons of soy sauce, put it in a teflon skillet sprayed with canola oil, scrambled it half way then threw in warm cooked rice and finished cooking it and had me a bowl of Mommy memories. Nuttin' better than Mommy memories when you're sick.

  3. Don't know about hysterics, but the photo definitely brings a smile to my face. She has an infectiously warm and happy vibe there. :-)

  4. It's giggle therapy! I love it!

    I also love the "scream-ran" concept. I've been doing that for years but I love the new terminology!

  5. Just the story to shake off a Monday morning - thanks for making me smile!

  6. That is such a beautiful photo..she has such a heartwarming charming smile..!!

    Now that's a way to spend a sunday...!

  7. Blogs make wonderful diaries.

  8. Si: Shucks. Thanks.

    AZ: I hope you're feeling better, and glad Mama's recipe's help you get through it. Asian eggs and rice...sounds good.

    Matthew: Yah, had to be there, I know. I'm glad you smiled at our lunacy.

    Momo: Laughter therapy! I forgot about that! Scream-running.

    Sveny: Cheeeese, smile, Monday, yuk!

    Mary: She does smile with all her heart!

    Laurie: 'Tis true...I do back mine up, as a means of journaling.


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