Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Heart Ya

One more mooshy entry. I'll keep it short, and then I promise I'll deliver something crass or amusing on the next post. I don't, after all, want to lose my hard-hearted, sarcastic, cynical readers, in the midst of all this sap.

A few of you have noted, and e-mailed me about Brian's comment on the last entry, his sign off: "Heart ya," and my response, "heart ya more."

Our "I love you's" have run the gamut over his lifetime, most often a race to be the first one to say "loveyoumore!!" when I dropped him off for school, or as he ran out the door, with the other screaming "nuh-uh!"

That has at times also been translated into our own street version: "Yuh-yuh" and "yuh-yuh mo. Peace out."

My Aunt Karla signs her letters and ends her phone calls with "Love Your Guts."

Along that line, Momo's father hugs her hard, and they say "MmmmmGUTS!"

Do you have a whimsical way of saying "I love you" to yours? Share it!


  1. True and me usually do the "I heart ya"..literally saying 'heart'..

    With my mom (when she was un-vadery), we wouldn't say anything...we would pinch each other or squeeze our hands...

    As for the rest of the family...we have lil' poem..which rhymes in spanish..and goes like this:

  2. "I love you..
    I adore you
    and I'll flush you down the toilet.."

    I swear it rhymes in spanish!!

  3. MaryP: I'm already so glad I asked! Give us the spanish words?

  4. We say 143. Jaeden actually came up with it a long time ago. When you wanna say it back you use 1433. Know how he came up with it?

  5. Ooo! A puzzle. Let me guess:

    1 letter, 4 letters, 3 letters?

  6. That 143 thing I heard it on a song by an artist called Musique..but I never figured it out..please do tell..

    The spanish words go like:

    "Te quiero" (Te kiero)
    "Te Adoro" (Te uhdore - row)
    "Y te tiro por el indodoro"
    (E[pronounced long e] te Tee-row pore el eenore-door-row)

  7. My high school beau and I used to say 831 - eight letters, three words, one meaning. Is that close?

    My bio family just says, I love.

    The kids and I tell each other, Love you bunches. But all smushed together like luvyabunches.

    I guess Andrew and I are boring - just I love you or love you.

  8. That didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would for you to figure out. So, yeah,
    1 for I
    4 for love
    3 for you

    and another 3 if you wanna give it back

    I guess we're not so cool after all!

  9. Hey, there's nothing wrong with mushy now and then. Well, then again, I'm one of your sometime mushy readers. :)

  10. shannon4:14 PM

    My family is not a big "I love you" family. My parents always said us, growing up and to this day, but for years I didn't say it back. I probably did as a kid, but not as an adult until I was probably in my twenties (unless it was some sort of sad occasion or something). I always thought that was kinda weird. Never really knew what my hesitation was.

    In relationships I never had any "I love you" hesitation, though I can't think of any particular ways that I've said it other than the norm.

    You've got a swell kid, there. I think your little special love you language is cute. :)

  11. The Lovely Cats and I will say "More than my luggage" which is a shortened version of a line from Steel Magnolias: "You know I love you more than my luggage." The Divine M and I use "LYMY" when we write which is short for "love you miss you" ~ which is how we end every conversation.

  12. Up until my son was about 12 or 13, (he's 26 now) we would always say, "Goodnight. I love you. See you tomorrow."

  13. I love all this lovin! Thanks for the spanish trans, mary P.

    Frugal Mom: I didn't get it until you gave me a clue that there WAS a clue.

    Wendy: 831 you and yours. And "I love you" is never boring. (ok, scary sometimes, but not boring, but let's not talk about my dating life.)

    Stephen: Not to worry, I lean towards the sentiment; plenty more where this came from.

    Shannon: I think I shirked excessive family affection in my late teens early 20s too. No explanation.

    BP: That luggage line is great. This is fun!

    Laurie: Cute; like everyone was taking off for the night. over & out!

  14. Everybody's lovin' is sooo cute!

    Mike and I say "I love" just like Wendy and her family...

    If he's out of town and we're on the phone it's: "I love...mmmmmmwah...I love."

    In the morning when he goes to work: "I careful...I love!"

  15. So this one time I wasn't paying much attention while I was driving to what was being said in the car. The kidlet said something about someone named "Bobby" and in my nonattentive mind I heard "Love ya". So I responded in kind and that led to an uproar about it, and now we often say "bobby" to each other indicating our affections for one another. :p

  16. This is a great post. I love reading everyone's responses.

  17. Look at all the happy heart-heart love going on! I love it!

  18. Mooshy is great. There isn't enough mooshy out there!

    I want more mooshy dammit!

    Nice post! Hugs and kisses <--- see! More mooshiness.

  19. Usually I say "F*ck you ya miserable c*ntcha! I hop eyou die in a fire!" or "Hatecha wouldn't wanna datecha!"
    That's my idea of sweet nothings.
    -Your most cynical reader

  20. Andy, you cuddly little teddy bear, you don't fool me.


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