Tuesday, January 01, 2008


  1. Marinemom2:24 PM

    This was great! Looks like you had a good year. Here's to another good one. I know mine's gonna be for a lot of reasons, but mostly for the new friends I've made like you. Keep up the good work girlfriend.

  2. Such a full year =)

    Photo #24 ... I cried the first time you posted it and darn if it didn't sneak in there and tear me up again.

  3. girl, you're so beautiful. An inspiration, truly. Here comes 2008. Be sure you take care of yourself, too.

  4. At one point, over a year ago now, I posted a list of things I have done in my life. You made a comment about how boring yours was and that your list would include things like "ate ketchup on a grilled cheese sandwich." I doubted the veracity of the comment at the time. Now? Now for certain you *never* get to refer to yourself as boring again. Not if that is One Year of your life. neverevernever

  5. Amazing! and I'm honored to be included. Meeting you was a highlight of my year too!!! I wish we lived closer because I you are so much fun to hang out with.

  6. Memories! Spaghetti... free hugs... Tiara Night... and a billion beanies!

    A good year, but a rough year... all at the same time. Here's to an even better year, with more good and less rough.


  7. MarineMom: Yeah, here's to new friends! Save me a seat at the Esquire, will you?

    Nancy: Yeah, that's a doozy. There are more...I won't put them on...now.

    SS: Awww, YOU're beautiful! I'll take g'care of me. You too!

    BPobs: I remember that list. I still haven't been chased by the KGB though. I'm not worthy!

    Mary! Of course you're there! An '07 highlight!

    Cusack: Hallelujah! Thanks for putting up with tiara night.


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