Monday, January 07, 2008

Hot Mama's Know: Clean up that Mascara Wand

Ladies, it's Hot Mama time again. Thought it's normally on the first day of the month, Absolutely Bananas gave us a 1-week reprieve so that we could recover from New Year's ever festivities.

The champagne's worn off, and the holidays are over. We're worn out, but we don't have to look like we're worn out. Blink. Blink. Blink.

It never seems to matter, if it's cheap drugstore mascara or expensive cosmetic counter mascara, that the stupid mascara wand occasionally gloms up. Who the heck can smear mascara on eye-hair when the wand looks like THIS?!!

I bought this waterproof mascara just 3 weeks ago. Seriously, I spread that mess on my eyelashes, I'm going to have one big, disgusting, chunk o lashes. This is not a Hot Mama look:

No worries though; here's a tip I made up years ago.

Run out to the local beauty supply store, and buy a box of those little tissue papers that hairdressers use when they're administering perms.

Grab one of those things, and give your wand a quick swipe. It removes excess without leaving fuzzy bits that tissue or kleenex would.

Voila! The brush is still loaded, but without the excess stuff to gunk up your eyelashes. Yes, you might lose a bit of paint off that wand, but the alternative—smearing that stuff so heavily over your lashes that it dries and flakes all over your face—isn't so hot. This allows a clean, even coat of mascara to all of your lashes.

Got it? Now clean up those lashes, and go bat them at someone.


  1. thanks for the tip!

  2. They can put a man on the moon, you'd think they'd be able to come up with clumpless mascara.

  3. I love this tip. 2 million beauty magazines and I've never heard of it before... that just goes to show that hot mamas DO know! ;) Thanks!
    Oh, and that doll? FREAKING ME OUT!!

  4. That's an awesome tip. And here' another (related) item I accidentally discovered....heated eyelash curler. I kid you not. It's warm, not hot, but your 'scara goes on smooth and easy and clumpless, at least on the lashes. I'm on my second one...just remember to turn it off when you're done as AAA batteries aren't so cheap.

  5. Wendy. Yer welcome.

    Jazz: You'd think. Or a flakeless one. Or a smearless one...

    AB: That doll uses Revlon waterproof, clumping mascara.

    Bettycat: I'm afraid I'll burn my lashes off with that thing! Ok, I'll try it. You use it BEFORE the mascara? I need lessons!

  6. marinemom10:12 PM

    Wow it's amazing what we women will do to look fabulous!!! Of course I don't need any of that stuff, wink, wink.

  7. Oh, that's a great tip! Mascara drives me crazy. Another thing you can do -- that I used to do but wouldn't try at my advanced age and reduced vision capabilities -- is put the glommy mascara on, then take an open safety pin and poke it between each of the eyelashes to separate them and remove some of the extra glop (this maneuver, done by Julia Roberts, was part of a fabulous scene in Charlie Wilson's War, by the way). Think I'll try your way instead.


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