Monday, January 21, 2008

Tell Me Theme: Your Cherished Gifts

Ok. No more arguing. Tsk; it is simply not constructive, I tire of it.

Let's play tell me.

After being an avid coffee drinker for about 20 years or so, I seem to have, overnight, lost a taste for it entirely. It just, one afternoon in November, didn't sound good to me, and I ordered tea, instead. Chai with milk, or black tea. With honey, if I'm splurging, but usually with splenda.

I've been buying loose tea at the Walnut Street Tea Co. (that's on Walnut Street), and steeping it in a cast iron teapot similar to this one:

The teapot was a gift from my friend, Lori, years ago, and I love pulling it out. It is one of those items in my home that I cherish. It is solid, and warm, and functional and beautiful, and it comforts me to use it, thinking of the friend that gave it to me.

Tell me: What cherished gifts have you received from friends or loved ones that you use regularly, or that just comfort you?


  1. When I was 15 my first girl friend got me these "How-to" books that... wait, why am I admitting this?

  2. stfarmer11:49 PM

    I have many favorites but my most treasured gifts are those that were created by the giver and given from the heart. Framed photos for example. :-{)

    I have a wooden box that looks like a briefcase on the inside. It sits on my desk at work and is filled with momentos that were given to me by someone I love very much. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, I open that case and the contents make me happy.

    Somtimes a favorite gift can be a memory and I have a few of those I hold dear.

  3. Miz Liz5:30 AM

    I have a beautiful Mexican vase that Blanche gave me as a housewarming gift. And lotus pods all over my home that were a recent gift from a friend. For me, the lotus symbolizes the events of the past 14 months and what's ahead. Very very special.

  4. I'm a tea lover too. And i dearly love my my own cast iron teapot.

  5. I have a silver kiddish (ceremonial wine) cup that was my great-grandparents. It's really teensy - less than 1/4 normal size. That's because they lived in a very poor, small town near Kiev and the whole village had this made as a wedding gift. It was extravagant. It's etched and lovely. But really tiny. I love, love, love it. My grandmother gave it to me before she died - a huge honor, as she had 18 grandchildren.

  6. My boat! OK it wasn't like a gift with a bow, I had to pay for it, but because of good friends EVERYTHING on or about my boat has cost about 5% of what it would cost anyone else. Because my friends love and care about me. Because I made a good impression on them and was a good friend and co-worker. Because I'm a good guy. Thanks for reminding me of all that good stuff. I was all teary eyed after the last few posts.

  7. My sister gave me a mug years ago, bright and abstract animals cover it.
    She won't talk to me any more, but it's still my favorite mug.

    And of course, Spidergirl, Kimber and Pol always give me fantastic gifts that speak directly to me...wouldn't part with any of them.

  8. This one was tough because I have lots of things that remind me of people that bring me comfort but actual gifts... I have to choose three:

    1. When I quit my job to become a writer, the Muppet's parents gave me a framed...thing. It's a very free-flow drawing of a woman with a saying about following your heart. It sits on my desk and gives me warm fuzzies when I'm discouraged.

    2. An amber necklace from the Lovely Cats. I wore it everyday until the chain broke.

    3. My pin-up girl shoes from the Pierced Chef. Unexpected. Unnecessary. Perfect. I know I'm loved every time I slip them on.

  9. A necklace from my Grandma. My Grandma passed way and as a family we divided her jewelry up, over a year after she passed. Everyone took turn going around the table picking up something they wanted. My grandpa kept walking over and looking at this one necklace. My sister and I circle around the table trying to figure out what he was looking at, nothing in that area seemed that important to us. Once I figure out what he was looking at I picked it up and read the necklace, it said "Everyday is for our Love" on the back side it said the same thing in French. After starting to cry I, immediately grab it. Later that day once it was all done and we all left, my grandpa ask my mom who got that necklace. She proceeded to tell him I did and he said it was the first necklace he ever bought my grandma. They were married over 60years. I now wear that necklace almost everyday.

  10. My favorite teacher in high school gave me her mother's blue covered crock that her mom cooked chicken in every Sunday. I've had the crock for nearly 40 years, my favorite teacher had it since she moved to Arizona in the early 20's. I don't know when her mother got it, but it came from Kansas and I cherish it.

  11. earrings. honestly. I have several pair from DH, who usually chooses one of a kind earrings from local artists. My sister gives me earrings she finds at UNICEF, usually amber or lucite-encased Guadalupes, two themes I love.

    And I have at least 4 pair from you, gnightgirl, that I wear regularly and which always earn compliments. I get to say, "Thank you. My best friend in Illinois gave these to me." And I get to think of you and I am happy.

  12. Anonymous12:47 PM

    My parents got me a yellow mug with blue spots on it as a Christmas 'side gift' one year and I love it. I've completely forgotten what they bought me as a the main gift but I still have that cup, chipped, cracked, stained and battered, five years later.

  13. I have a few:

    A comforter I borrowed from my mom and never gave back...she doesn't need it and I have a hard time putting it in the reminds me of her now that I don't get to see her as frequently as I'd like.

    An Ecuadorian Nativity scene made out of eucalipt (I know I messed up the spelling) seeds....someone in Ecuador thought of me and sent it over.

    tons of old cards I've saved from my childhood with Empress...I am so lucky to have a best friend like her in the picture...

  14. Coincidentally, I lost my taste for coffee, at least temporarily, about a month ago or so. I've been drinking tea since (I love the Stash brand chai "double spice"). At work I use a pretty tea cup that has a ceramic thingee that fits in the cup so you can brew loose tea, and it has a cover also. A friend I used to work with gave it to me, and I do think of her (and often, how much I miss her) when I drink out of that cup.


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