Wednesday, January 23, 2008


What time to you go to bed?

What time do you wake up in the morning?

Which hours do you work, on an average workday?

How many hours do you have to yourself, at the end of each day, before retiring?

What do you do to fill that time, that time after work and before bedtime, most weeknights? Work out? Fix dinner, do dishes, and get the kids their bath? Work on hobbies?

Do you get stuff accomplished most days, or do you save the big stuff for the weekends?

Inquiring mind, mine.


  1. This is a fun post!!

    I wake up at 7:00 and walk Day-Z. I work from 10:00am - 7:00pm and I can take an hour for lunch if I want to. (the hours are better on this job than most) I get home and walk Day-Z again for about an hour, then sometime around 9:00pm I try and get some dinner together and I go to bed around 11:30 and do it all over again. I usually spend my evening going through the mail, reading magazines, reading some blogs and watching a little tv. I do the big stuff on the weekends.

    I marvel at parents who do it all AND take care of the kids too. Where do they find the time?

  2. I'm afraid I will just irritate people with my answers, but here goes:
    I go to bed between 2 and 4 a.m.
    I usually wake up around noon
    I do most of my housework between 2:00 and 5:30 p.m., then the cooking from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
    I have many hours to myself. 11:00 p.m. until I go to bed and all afternoon.
    I do housework, blogging and phone chatting.
    I usually get the stuff done that I want to do. Weekends are for doing fun stuff with my husband.

  3. I wake up about 5:30, because my alarm is set for 5:45 :sigh:

    I'm at work from 9:30 - 5:30 with a lunch hour or hours or none, what ever I need for the day.

    I run errands after work and usually get home about 7:30.

    That's when I do the laundry and chores around the house (or not).

    Not much for TV (except when LOST comes back)

    Bed time is between 11PM-1AM depending on how many have updated their blogs *wink*

    Weekends? Everything and nothing. Depends on the season, weather, and whats happening with my friends and family.

    Good post Lori!

  4. I awake about 4:00 PM. Start work at 7:00 PM. Usually am home by 5:00 AM. Fall asleep around 9:00 AM.

    After work I do my paperwork, write my blog, stuff my face.

    I have heard of "housework". Gonna have to look into that sometime.

    Visitors are required to bring their own bio-hazard suit

    On my days off (5:00 AM Sunday to 7:00 PM Tuesday) I don't change my schedule. I also don't leave the house. I am sick and tired of people by that time and need the time to decompress.

  5. Up by 6:40AM, in bed between 10 and 11PM. Most weeknights are spent getting homework done, supper made, little boy read to, etc. etc. After the boys are in bed hubs and I usually watch T.V. together. Pretty exciting, huh.

  6. Stfarmer7:57 AM

    I don't have an official bedtime - probably because I did when I was growing up. I tend to fall asleep/wake-up/fall asleep several times during the night.

    My alarm is set for 5:30 and work is officially 7:30 - 3:45 but I don't have to punch a clock. The business has flex hours so employee hours are, well, flexible. I like to come in on the weekends because it is dark and quiet and I can get a lot done without the phone ringing off the hook.

    I have lots of time for myself in the evening and I waste a lot of it just watching TV. I'm addicted to CNN. I usually run errands on the weekends.

    I love photography. I also like to read biographies but I don't read as much as I should.

  7. - Around 10:30
    - I get up about 6:45, don't wake up until noon.
    - 8:30 to 5:00
    - I get home sixish, and there are no kids to take care of, so about 4 hours.
    - Dinner, dishes, a bit of cleaning now and then, TV, reading, sex
    - It totally depends on my mood. But the fact that we don't have kids makes coordinating that much easier.

  8. me likey this

    On an average weekday I get up at 6am, out of the house by 7am, drop Miss C off, work from 9-5pm, get home around 6pm. Do homework and have dinner all by 7pm. From 7pm-8pm I usually read, watch some TV, work in some prayer time. At 8pm we hit the showers and from 8:30pm to 9pm, me and Miss C do something she likes, like read a book, color, watch some TV or play.

    9pm we hit the hay. Religiously.
    Weekends: Sat. up at 6am, therapy at 8am..then I run errands.

    Sundays: up at 8am, church at 10:30am.

    I run the house with very strict schedules...otherwise Miss C will go haywire...

  9. You got an award, check my blog

  10. I go to bed late. 2:30 AM?
    Wake up about 8:30 AM
    Work 9-5:30
    Call it 8 hours free each day.
    Chase girls, have sex, play music, work out, paint, take pictures, draw, read, write,watch movies.
    I dunno. What everyone does I guess. I get stuff accomplished most days. I feel like I have very little DOWN time though. I'm always doing, going, working...
    rarely ever just being.
    It's something I'm trying to fix. Been going to yoga and meditating.
    I posted today about a yogic vision I had recently. Come by!

    Inquiring mind, mine.

  11. Miz Liz11:22 AM

    I usually am in bed by 10 pm unless I'm out with people or entertaining. During the week, I'm awake by about 5:30 and get out of bed between 6 and 7. Since I work at home, my commute simply involves a trip to the kitchen for coffee. Then I work til about 10:30, take a break for an hour and half to go the gym, and then work for another 5 hours or so. In the evenings, I usually read, email, or watch TV. I'm lucky to work at home because I can get a lot done during the week, like laundry, and then not spend the entire weekend doing errands.

  12. I'm usually up by 6:30am...clock my hours at work 8-4.
    That leaves me about 6 hours of ME time!
    What do I do with it?
    I READ! (and occasionally housework, but not having children really cuts down on that!) And then I make dinner for around 6:00pm or so and then READ while I'm eating.
    And then I READ!
    And sometimes I go out for dinner and read. There's the occasional trip to the gym/dance class, I do volunteer work once a week (Wednesdays) for 4 hours. I play an online game with my friends on Thursday nights (can you say NERD!).

    Into bed around 10:00pm and READ some more! But I have to be asleep by 10:30 or I can't function at all the next day.

    My weekends are dedicated to catching up on all the reading I haven't gotten around to during the week. :)

  13. I want geewits' life.
    I get up around 6am. Gym by 6:30. Make lunches and breakfast. Kids off to school at 8 (1 kid) and 9 (2 kids) and then work until 3:30 when kid-1 gets home. Work more until kids-2/3 get home and then more after that. I try to quit by 5pm. I help with homework in the middle of all this. Luckily, the kids are pretty independent. Dinner by 6pm unless there's basketball practice. Hang with kids until 9:30 when they go to bed. I'm in bed by 11pm - but honestly I fall asleep around 10pm in front of the tv or in the middle of a conversation with the hub. I just go up to my room around 11pm. Sigh.

    I don't make dinner. Andrew does :) I do laundry at night. Run errands during the weekdays whenever possible (do I hear mobile conference call?). Mostly, I don't run errands much - I save them up. It's much less expensive too!

    Weekends? Up until 11pm unless we're out and up by 8am. I hate shopping on the weekends - crowds and all. I like to spend the weekends with my family and not running.

    Such an exciting life I lead.

  14. Well, my alarm is set for 6:30 am, I snooze it until about 7:30 am. Then I get up and eat some breakfast, check my email(s),read some blogs, take a shower, get ready for work and leave around 9:00 am. I am usually at work until 6:00 pm, home by 6:30 pm. Do the dinner thing, dishes thing, TV, reading, some laundry, little cleaning (very little). Usually in bed by 11:00 pm.

    Having said that, we are trying something new this past week. We have been exercising in the morning and in the evening. I try to walk a mile each so less computering at both times right now.

    Weekends we usually clean, finish any projects, groceries, eat out at least once and occasionally go out with friends or visit family.

    My life - pretty boring.

  15. I'm with geewits: I think I'm about to annoy people...

    Sleep until anywhere between 9 and 11. Get up. Make coffee, unload the dishwasher. Noodle on the computer. Give the babies snuggle time. Talk with Lithus about what we are going to do that day. Work if there is work and if anything remotely creative comes (this can be for 14 hours or 14 seconds depending on the day and the deadline.) Chat with the Divine M (yes, we talk or email every weekday.) Do whatever Lithus and I decided needs to be done (this can be errands, adventures, housekeeping, writing or a conversation that was "supposed" to be a short exchange and evolved into a three hour discussion.) Sometime in the evening, we will realize we either haven't been out all day or, eventhough we have, we want to go out some more so we will. Then we settle down, usually in front of a fire in the fireplace, and talk and snuggle until about 2 or 3 in the morning.

    All of this is subject to change if Timber is with us, Lithus is on tour or if I am on a roll with a book. Then all bets are off. Each of those scenarios require their own description and that would make this WAY TOO LONG.

    Generally though, lots of me time, lots of us time, lots of adventures, very little boredom... It doesn't suck to be the Pobble. :)

  16. Anonymous3:35 PM

    With the exception of my wacky work schedule, I don't really have a set schedule for any one day. Bedtime, mealtime, social time, romance all seem to just fall at the right time. Anything can happen, and it seems to be right on time!

  17. I usually sleep 11pm-6.30am, except on weekends (clearly) and Thursdays when Question Time is on till 11.30pm. I usually work 9-5 with an hour for lunch. It sounds so run of the mill, doesn't it?
    Hours to myself? Are you kidding? Writing group on Monday, trampolining on Tuesday, voluntary work on Thursday and always a party on the weekend! Jim does the dinner, I do the dishes; he does the laundry, I clean the house. It all works quite nicely and we do it when it needs doing: we're never in on a weekend.

  18. Okay lets see.

    Bed 1030pm...if I can make it that long. Alot of the time I fall asleep during the news. Never have been able to make it to the Letterman show like you. Never. Okay, maybe once.

    I awaken at the sound of my sons alarm clock and then the bright lights of his bathroom. Then I drag myself out of bed and get in the shower. Half asleep.

    I pretty much work every hour of the day. Getting kids to school, running after a 2 yr old, keeping the house in order, making the trips to the grocery, getting kids home from school, then helping with homework, and snacks, and trying to get dinner going in there somewhere while reading the toddler a book at the same time and trying to make sure he doesnt fall off the stool in the kitchen that he just has to stand on to help me fix dinner.

    I really dont have any time to myself. Not even in the bathroom. Someone always finds me.

    I am lucky if I get to read some blogs, post on my own, or use the telephone. Actually the latter I can do pretty easily as long as I can hear who is on the other end thru all the racket in the house.

    I somehow manage to get things accomplished. I think that is mainly due to my OCD like behaviors and that I can eat while standing up.

  19. Marinemom11:02 PM

    My schedule is seasonal. Since I am in election mode right now, I only sleep and work. I go to bed around 11pm wake at 5:30am. Leave for work at 7am. Home at 9 or 10pm. Check email, blogs, go to bed. But tonight was different I went to the gym between 5 and 6 pm. Thanks Lori! I think I'll add it to my routine. Any housework that takes place is definitely on the weekend. Check back in a month and i'll have a different schedule.

  20. The answer I could give now will be completely different from 31 January onwards.

  21. I go to bed at 10 pm. I wake up at 6 am. I'm supposed to get to work at 8:30 but with an 1:15 drive if I get there before 9 I'm doing okay. I work 8:30 to 4:30. I get an hour lunch so I use that to make up time from the am, run errands, get lunch w/ friends. I get home at 6, eat with family, bath bedtime for son at 7:30. 8 to 10 are my hours to do something, but usually I sit on the couch w/ my laptop or watch a tv show. Last night I watched a tivo'd project runway. Almost everything that gets done is done on the weekends.

  22. This is fun. So many different answers.

    My day starts sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 am, depending on the time of year, my health, and my internal clock. I get up, have a cup of coffee, read my email and some blogs. Then I read or work on a project. During the warmer months Cassie and I jog 4 to 5 miles 4 or 5 days of the week. Wake the rest of the family, shower, Jack to school by 8:30, myself to work by 9:00.

    Work from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. I can't express the glory of working part time at a job I love. It's fabulous. Jack doesn't get home from school until 3:30, so that leaves me 2 hours to myself. I spend time in Jack's classroom, or run errands, work out, putter, whatever.

    After Jack comes home, there's several more hours of puttering. Thrift store shopping, walking the dog, doing a puzzle, making dinner, chores. All that. It's an integrated sort of life, where I multitask lots of things. Laundry going while I blog, NPR on the radio while I do the dishes or cook, Jack at the kitchen counter building Lego sets or doing homework.

    There's always lots going on and sometimes I'm not sure how I get so much done. And it's always evolving. I feel like I never have time for anything, but I'm always doing something. I'm learning - as a parent and a teacher of 3-yr-olds - that life is process more than product. At the end of the day I may not have a lot to show for it, but I know I spent the time well.

    So the day ends around 8:00 pm, after Jack's had a bath. We share Cold Snack (ice cream or a popsicle), brush teeth, potty, then read 2 or 3 books together while snuggled, all three of us, in Jack's twin bed. We play a lullaby CD he's had since before he was born, and he goes to sleep. Usually I do, too, but sometimes I have enough left over to watch a first season episode of the original Star Trek with Dave, or a show on PBS, or something completely terrible on TV. I am almost always asleep before 10:00 pm, even on weekends.

    And I'm happy with my life and the way I spend my time. I, too, wish there was more of it, or that I slept less, or had a more structured schedule, but I think with structure I'd lose the sort of organic flow that brings me such contentment.

  23. I loved reading all you young people's takes me back years to my days with my husband, 3 sons and a dog....and my 24 years working at the U of I.

    I have now been retired since July ' the age of, now you know my age.

    My days are so different now but I still keep busy...go to bed at 10:30, up about 7:00. Always have breakfast and at least two days a week I go to exercise at Provena. Have lunch with friends, a hair appointment on Fridays and spend time at home, cleaning, reading, writing and on the computer.

    Great knowing all of you are happy with your life. That's the main thing. I was married 59 years and my husband passed away 5 years ago. It was an adjustment but I remain happy and upbeat and still love to travel. Hope you all have as many wonderful years as I have had.....

  24. Ah, Mary, yours made me tear all up. Sounds like you have had a wonderful life. I'm sorry for the loss or your husband. 59 years. Amazing. Thanks for chiming in!

  25. huh.....what a good post. I'm supposed to get up at 6:30 but usually drag myself out of bed later, help get the guys ready for school and out the door to get to work at 8 a.m. Work until 5:00---only a half hour for lunch and nothing's close by so I can't run errands. Home by 5:20, lots of hugs and kisses with the boys, try to find time to talk to my husband, look at the paper, flinch at the news, play on the laptop, fix dinner too late, get the guys to bed, head up to bed after the news except on the nights I can't sleep. Saturdays are time with the guys,try to find a chance to look for antiques and take some pictures. Sundays take my father to church, do their shopping, etc., etc. Sunday evenings I try to savor time with my husband and the guys and look forward to the next week. I try to have a treat to look forward to...some music or something...right now it's a show at Fitzgerald's near Chicago on February 8....

  26. Anonymous6:39 PM

    During the week I typically go to bed between 10:30 and 11:00. Although last night it was closer to midnight. Weekdays the alarm goes off at 6:15 and I drag myself out of bed around 6:45. My work day is 8.5 hours long. I'm supposed to work from 8 to 4:30 but I usually roll in closer to 8:10.

    On Mondays and Wednesdays I go from work to the gym to a park district Pilates class. Then I come home. This means I'm gone from the house for over 11 hours. When I get home on those days I eat dinner with my hubby while watching tv, take an hour for myself (which I waste on the computer) watch tv or play Wii, and then go to bed.

    On Tuesdays I come home from work (getting home a little before 5), take 30-45 minutes for myself (which, again I waste online) and then either hop on the treadmill for 45 minutes or run outside (during the summer). Then I make dinner and spend the evening watching tv with hubby.

    On Thursdays I come home from work and try to hop on the treadmill right away. Usually I get sucked into blog reading first and end up on the treadmill around 5:30 or 5:45. I run for 40 minutes and then shower. Then I head over to a friend's house to eat dinner and watch tv or movies. Sometimes I join my hubby at his office for their weekly pizza and games night.

    Fridays are a wild card. Sometimes we go out or have friends over, sometimes we don't. It just depends. But if we don't see friends then we usually watch tv. We watch a lot of tv.

    Big stuff is definitely saved for the weekend. While I waste a lot of time sleeping on weekends (hey, I don't have any kids, it's my prerogative if I want to sleep in til 11:00), I do things like clean the house and go grocery shopping in the afternoons/evenings.

    The hubby and I don't have much of a social life. Our big weekly event is going to dinner at my parents' house!

  27. Ok...this is what I shoot for on weekdays:

    Up at 8:15-8:30. Work from 9-5 with a lunch break somewhere in the middle where I either: eat out or eat lunch at my desk. Run a *few* errands directly after work (gas, pay bills, groceries, whatever). Go home, make some dinner and box up 2-3 things of it for future lunches/quick dinners, clean-up mess in kitchen. Post on the blog/messageboards/check email/put new podcasts on iPod/watch DVR shows. Change into gym clothes, stretch out/do mat work, and then hit the gym 8-8:30ish. Home by 9:30-9:45, take a shower, lay out lunch/clothes for tomorrow. Watch a little TV or surf the web. Hit the sack by 12 or 12:30.

  28. This is fun!

    I'm up at the latest possible (7:42) minute that I can get to work by 8:45ish. My alarm goes off at 6:00, so I hit the snooze many, many times. I work from 8:45 AM to 7:30 PM and usually eat at my desk. I then head to the gym for 90 minutes and then make some dinner when I get home at 9:00 or 9:30. I then usually watch some mind-numbing television (Project Runway or House Flipping) or political analysis with the primaries underway. I talk to my fiance a couple of times and before he goes to bed in 2500 miles away during the evening. I then head to bed around 11:30-12:00 and read for for 15-20 minutes. I save some errands for the weekend, but try to do some during the week when the stores (Costco, etc) are less crowded. I also try to keep up with the housework during the week, but the majority of housework is done on the weekend. I also sleep, sleep, sleep on the weekend, go to the gym, hike in the mountains, go to the farmer's market and always try to take a walk on the beach if the weather is good.

  29. I go to bed around 3. Every night I say I'm going to bed early and every night I procastinate until I realize that I physically NEED to sleep.
    and I get up at 6/6:30 and then go back to sleep until 8:30 lol
    I go to work anywhere between 12 and 2 but I don't really have much free time between getting up and going to work.
    James and I have our breakfast and get ready for the day, we have just enough time to play for a few minutes and then I have to head out the door.
    When I get home at night he's had his cereal and his bath and is either in bed or ready for it, although it's more like an itty bitty nap. He's up until 11 or 12 on a good night.

    I know that theoretically that would be a good time for me to jump under the covers as well, but I just crave a little "me" time every day so I end up reading (usually in a nice long bubble bath), or sewing or writing until the wee hours of the morning, without even realizing how much time has gone by. It's getting to be a bad habit.

    Even if I do stay up too late, I only get about 2 hours to myself at night, if that, if you count all the time it takes getting James back to bed after he wakes up (usually once or twice) during my "me" time.

    I don't get a specified break at work, it's more of a take the time when you can get it kind of thing so even when I intend to, I don't get alot of work done there.

    I get most things done late at night, weekend or not.
    I just can't seem to tear myself away from the baby to do things that I figure could just be done while he's sleeping...

  30. I probably go to bed about 12:30 am at the latest. I get up at 7am. I have 20 minutes to get three children ready to go, one ready for school, two for daycare. I mostly throw on a hat and something, drop the kids off, come back home before 8 and get ready for work. I leave the house at like 815 go to Panera get coffee and go to work from 830-530 which I am usually about 15 minutes late for everyday. I get 1 hour for lunch which i am usually about 15 minutes late from and then on my lunch I get dinner made or prepped so that I can finish it or the hubby can take it out before work. I come home do the kid thing, clean and laundry (not so much of either) do my homework, bills, computer and then i talk on the phone and watch tv til i go to sleep. So I mainly need more time in the day or a schedule!


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