Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blogging Plagiarism

Click below for a jaw-dropping story from Absolutely Bananas.

(Image from


  1. Miz Liz11:55 AM

    Lori....seems to be going around these days. One of my closest friends, a jewelry designer, had photos of her jewelry stolen from her site and posted on another so-called designer's site. Evidently, he stole content, INCLUDING A BIO word for word, from some 4 other designers. For the record, she sent a cease and desist along with copyright info like your friend, and he took her stuff down. For a comprehensive list of useful tools, see: (

  2. stfarmer12:42 PM

    That is just wrong. Copyright and patent law is complicated. We have to take a refresher class every year least we put the company at risk by violating someone's rights.

  3. Spitting...foaming...grrring...


  4. Wow... And how can you actually know if it's happening to you unless you learn about it accidentally?

  5. jolley12:52 PM

    God Lord. What a scoundrel. I'm going to kick [bad] jennys ass. love you. brian


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