Monday, January 07, 2008

Jury: Update & Incessant Talkers

Anticlimactic jury today: The defendant, after months of pre-trial hub-bub, walked in and plead guilty this morning.

The judge, shocked at the turn of events tried to talk him into going ahead with a trial; it was a meth case, the guy was going to prison for 10 years, and at least he'd have a shot at smoke & mirrors, with a jury. And there were, after all, 42 people waiting to get a chance to hear him out.

We waited in uncomfortable chairs for 2-1/2 hours, but the judge was unable to convince Mr. Meth to go through with the trial. So we were sent home, and may or may not be called back. I was happy to get back to work.

Not a Morning Person

Did I say 2-1/2 hours?

And can I just add, that there had to be 2 people, in that room of 42, that felt a need to keep a constant, loud conversation going for the entire time? Cutting up and yuk-yukking and giving every single detail of every movie they ever loved, and when they got to sleep and what time they woke up and what they had for breakfast, and what would we get for lunch, and be careful don't trip over that cord they might make you pay for it har har, and how long it took for them to get over their last cold, and
How can you possibly talk about yourself for over 2 hours to complete strangers? Shut up, shut up, shut UP.

I know we can all carry on from time to time, but it's cute when we do it, because we are drunk interesting. We know we're interesting, because, we pause, and everyone at the table says "Please. Do Go On." When ya don't get the "do go on," but instead a collective sigh of relief from everyone around you, then it's shut-up time.

In fact, I think I've reached shut-up time myself, just now.

Incessant talkers: Observe.


  1. Bring your iPod, or even just a set of ear phones ... cord running into an empty pocket if need be ... then you can close your eyes and tune them out ... even without sound coming through the plugs.

  2. No electronics in the courthouse; wasn't sure they'd let me in with an iPod. I'll try that if I get called back!

  3. UGH!


    If you start yelling that, maybe they will kick you out and you won't have to do jury duty... Of course, you might end up in front of your own jury at that point so perhaps you shouldn't be listening to me. Go back to listening to the incessant talkers, instead!

  4. Too bad about the iPod. I flew over the holidays and mine was a lifesaver especially in the terminal where they had a TV turned to CNN political coverage. Gah! Leave me alone!

  5. earplugs and a book.
    sigh. maybe you won't get called back at all?

  6. Wait, the guy is pleading guilty and the judge is TRYING to get him to take a trial? Where he might be aquitted?


  7. Jazz: It was apparently months and months in the works, leading up to yesterday morning's trial. The judge had been in his office until midnight the night before, preparing for the case, had called in 42 people to choose a jury from, attorneys had booked/billed hundreds of hours...

    The judge made it sound more like he wanted the guy to have a "fair" chance to argue his case, to make sure it wasn't fear of the trial, or putting his family (also present) through it that was leading him to make the decision he did.


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