Thursday, August 21, 2008

GloZell Tries on Spanks

I can't take it anymore. I watched this video that blogger and funny girl extraordinaire GloZell made yesterday, and promptly sent the link to several friends. I just watched it again on Fightin' Mad Mary's blog. I'm taking Mary's lead, to make sure that no one misses out on this one.
(Is that blog cheating or what? Posting about Mary's posting about GloZell?)

Who among us hasn't been through this at one time or another? Well, maybe most of the men haven't—MOST of them. I personally think it should be a law that men try on pantyhose, and have just ONE strip of hair waxed off of their bodies, just once in their lives, to see what we go through.

Just watch, and laugh.

I don't know where I've been that I've been missing out on GloZell's YouTube channel, but I'll definitely be running through her archives and staying on top of it from now on.

Enjoy your day, though I'm sure watching this was the highlight.


  1. Love taking them off, but don't want to put them on.

  2. Too damn early in the morning to be laughing so hard!

  3. That was a stitch. I am glad I don't have to wear them.

  4. Now I want to see someone blog about you blogging about me blogging about GloZell! She is a riot isn't she?

  5. What a fun video......I sat here watching her grunting, groaning and sweating and laughed until tears just rolled down my face........

    I've had about that much trouble with a "regular" pair of panty hose....getting the crotch in the right place is a r e a l chore.

  6. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Hahahahah!!! Great stuff Lori!

    For those smooth looking pantyhosed legs, she says :

    Make sure you have 30-40 minutes to put them on
    Make sure you have a well balanced diet
    Make sure the room is air conditioned

    Man, lotsa pre-requisites there, LOL!!!!!!

  7. So I'm watching this and Jack comes into the room, and I tell him, "She's trying to put on pantyhose." and he says, "Is that the thing with all those little lines that you can see through?" I say, "Yes." He leans in close and whispers to me, all conspiratorial, "I think you can see through the butt, too."

    Yeah, I laughed. Good one.

  8. That reminds me of my drunk test in my youth. If I woke up with pantyhose on, I knew I went to bed drunk, because you would never keep them on on purpose. Or a bra.

  9. Anonymous12:42 PM



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