Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day: Do Over.

Our Christmas day is over, and the picture above pretty much depicts how I feel this evening.

My Mother was robbed.

HUGELY robbed, something monumental and irreplaceable. Something my father built, and I'm feeling so vulnerable right now that I don't want to say more.

Our Christmas lunch was postponed today for police reports and fingerprint dusting, followed by repairs to broken doors and much agonizing over which further precautions we need to take to prevent this from happening again, and to protect my mother and her belongings.

We are sick.

This robbery was calculated and, the police officer told us, "definitely executed by someone that knows you." We are all the more hurt, and rattled.. Friends? Family? Neighbors?

Was it someone that knew my Dad?

Is it something we said to someone that asked us about our mother? How's your mom? Did she ever sell ________?

Was it someone that knows our schedules? Hell, I've put it out here in blogworld that I take her out every Sunday. Why don't I just announce to the world that we won't be home?!!

Should we buy a safe? Rent some storage? Move mom out of this house that she lived in with my father since 1963?

It's clear that the burglars knew what they were after. They got right to it, tossed the rest of the place to get what they wanted. Something large and unique, and lifted out by more than one man.

I will be late to work, in the morning, as I've been instructed to hit up "those in the know" to put the word out. I'll be going door-to-door and making phone calls: "It's gone. You know it. You see it at a show, on the street, for sale, or on e-bay; please call me or the police."

In the meantime, we do what we do: count our blessings. Our mother was not personally involved, or hurt. We are together this day, as a family. My son--their cousin, nephew, and grandson--is home for the holiday. We have a housefull of food and a bounty of gifts to open.


I feel like shit.


  1. What words are there to say that could possibly help? You can only hope that karma, kisma, or whatever fate controlling power you ascribe to can kick their ass.

    Thank God your mama is okay.

  2. This is shocking, disheartening and so sad. But no one was hurt, and so your lives may continue. You have my sympathy, and please don't be thinkin' that something you said or wrote made this happen. No matter what, an insider would have found a way. What's sad is that little piece of faith in people that you might lose because of this.

    Sending love...

  3. I'm lost for words too. Tell your mum that our thoughts and sympathy are with her from the other end of the planet.

  4. ::sigh::

    That is horrible..
    I'm so glad your mom is ok..

    But's a f*ck'd up happen at ANY time..

    Oh boy...God never keeps anything that's not his...

    Karma can be a real B*tch...


  5. I am so, so very sorry. Please let me know if there is anything we can do locally to help you.

  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    We've been burglarized in the past and although the loss of items is upsetting I think the hardest thing to overcome is the feeling that your security has been violated and there is no safe place left for you. I'm so sorry it happened to your Mom, but glad that she is okay.

  7. MK99: Yes, most happy Mom was left out of it.

    Larry: Thanks, and yeah; gotta keep our sight set on the "no one was hurt" issue.

    Dogbait: that will make her smile. Thank you.

    Mary: Yeah,it is fucked up. I'm still rattled and lost today.

    Mal: Thank you. I've made a lot of progress in getting the word out, already. I hope it grows.

    AZ: Right. Worrying that doorlocks are secure, SECURE, and that Mom is safe...nervewracking!

  8. Gads! The nerve! I'm so sorry! That must be awful! Do over indeed!
    Here's hoping you find whatever was lost and the criminals brought to justice. The beasts! Tons of love and support from NYC!

  9. Oh that's just terrible. I hope you get back whatever it was. What a way to spend Christmas. So sorry to hear this.

  10. So sorry. Hugs to everyone.

  11. Andy: Thanks Andy! If we get 'em, I'll call on you to help deliver justice!

    Laurie, thanks you, sweetie.

    Dan: An odd Christmas indeed; gift-time was weird.

    June: Thanks, June. Hugs back.

  12. just caught up -- so sorry that this happened to your mother and yourself. tho glad that no one was hurt, it's always so violating. and if it's by someone(s) you know -- how much worse that is.

    hope you were able to somehow salvage your christmas and treasure the time you had with your family.

  13. I feel like crap just reading about what happened.

    I'm so glad that your mom is ok and that no one was hurt. Trust in humanity will be hard to replace let alone whatever this big thing is that was stolen.
    My thoughts will be with y'all!

  14. Oh no!! What a terrible thing to happen. Makes you feel angry and violated. I hope you and your mum get over this horrible experience. And I hope you regain some faith in human nature once more. THey're not all bad people out there. Just some nasty meanies. I hope 2007 brings better things.Merry Christmas and a happy new year

  15. so sad, dearie. We're hoping for recovery of item as well as trust in human decency. Some humans still have it, anyway.

    Happy New Year. Hugs and kisses.

  16. Thats crazy .. I have been checking ebay and craiglist .. You will find it .. What stupid f**kers they totally don't get the point of what a person takes to get something.

    Always there is a line which I say .. When you do something to someone .. You get it back 100 times worst ..

    You will find it .. It is just a matter of time .. I am really sorry to hear that was really shocking ..


  17. We came home to a big fat burglary, too.

    Sounds like yours hurt more though. I'm sorry to hear about that. My best to your mom and all.

  18. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I'm so sorry, Lori.

  19. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your mother. Those jerks will get what's coming to them...Karma is a bitch!


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