Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gettin' jiggle widdit

My dryer went kaput the day that Brian went back to Georgia. It was working Saturday night, and then Sunday: zilch! zippo! nada! nyet!

Fancying myself a mechanically inclined girl, I decided to try to fix the thing myself before I call a repairman. First I unplugged it. Beyond that, the only thing I know about dryer repair is this: how to stick a screwdriver in and pop the top.

Ta-duhhhhhhhhh! Now we're talking! See anything amiss here?

Neither did I. Still, these wires seemed to need some jiggling. I did it. I jiggled.

These thingies seemed a bit dusty, so I vacuumed them all off, and did some more jiggling, with some poking and prodding thrown in for good measure.

I put the whole thing back together, plugged it in, turned the dial, closed my eyes, said a prayer, and pushed the button in.

The dryer gods weren't biting.

Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive dryer/appliance repair-person in Champaign?


  1. Personally, I belong to the 'swift kick to the side' school of mechanical repair.

  2. I don't know much anyone in Champaign or anywhere else in Illinois.

  3. Yeah, call Lichti. I think he's in the book. He kept our old dryer working for years. He's very good and reasonably priced.

  4. My dryer decided to take a hiatus last week. It wasn't until I yelled up the stairs "honey, the dryer is broken!" and the hubster came down to see and asked "do you have the door shut?" and I realized I was trying to push the start button with the door hanging ALL THE WAY OPEN. Genius. Pure genius in our household.

    Some days I think the machines are smarter than I am.

  5. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Say, that reminds me of the time Mary C. took apart our dryer. There was a broken belt as I recall. It could be there is supposed to be a belt in there somewhere in your dryer innards. I'm not sure if she fixed it herself or we ended up spending the big bucks for a repair person. I think it was the latter. Sorry I don't know of anyone to recommend...Mary being in Florida now.

  6. I belong to the same school of Kimber...or the 'swift punch to the gut'....

  7. Bummer. I took mine apart too - the repairman fixed exactly what I knew was wrong but couldn't access! Good for you for trying!

  8. I'm fond of opening it up, staring at it, closing it and trying again. Aside from that, I got nothing.

  9. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Another vote for Lichti...used him for my washer a year ago (broken belt) and need to call him for my dryer now.

    Must be the phase of the moon or something because mine bit the dust a couple of weeks, ago, too. Turns, but no heat.

  10. Kimber: Oo! I'll try that before I make the call!

    Barry: Google! C'mon, help a girl out!

    Amishlaw: Lichti it is, he was referred to me several times.

    Mal: Doh! Reminds me of waiting for water to boil when I forget to turn on the burner...

    KM: yeah, there's a problem: finding the problem and still not having any idea how to access parts anyway. That MerC can do anything though...

    MaryP: That's two votes 'kick it'...I'm going for it!

    Wendy: How frustrating; no points for knowing what the problem is, I suppose.

    Boston: I swear, some things do repair themselves with a good stare; you always have to give it a shot.

    Anon: Lichti it is; I got an outside referral to him also.

    Thanks everyone!

  11. no they are all crooks. I'm serious


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