Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kicking off the Holiday

This one just might be relatively stress free; do you think I can stick with that for the rest of the month?

First of all, my buds and I have all agreed not to purchase gifts for one another this year. Instead, we'll get together for dinner and drinks and call it done. It will ease December chaos and January expenses, and we're all in agreement that we can maintain spirit and remember the Reason for the Season without an extra bauble to unwrap. Good food, good friends, and we're blessed enough.

That said, I don't want to give up giving. I rarely carry cash with me, but this month I've stockpiled all of my change and have resolved to drop a handful into every Salvation Army bucket. My December will be full of "Happy Holidays's" and no more avoiding eye contact and slinking guiltily past those merry bell ringers, out there freezing their hiney's off for a good cause. I'll also be sending a check to A Woman's Fund.

It's good to have a plan. Since my month is now so stress free, I didn't mind so much, heading downtown, to catch a glimpse of the Christmas parade and watch the city's tree-lighting ceremony tonight. 9 degrees with the wind factored in, and still Main Street was packed with families: little kiddies in wagons, and people wearing christmas lights and antlers on their heads. It was kind of contagious.

But the real reason I went out tonight was for this:

One of my favorite movies, played on a big screen in a glorious old theater. Worth every cent of the $5 ticket, and yes, I still teared up at the end, like I do every time I watch this movie.

I think it's going to be a nice month.



    Lori, have you heard why Barry killed off his blog?

    Its just gone.

    I am going to miss his posts.

  2. Sounds like a great start of the month. A good idea to lower stess.

    Off the subject - but for wil - I allegedly 'violated policy' and I like my job...

  3. Don't feel guilty about not donating to the Salvation Army, Lori:

    In July 2001, The Washington Post published a Salvation Army internal memo. According to that document, The Salvation Army and President George W. Bush made a deal: The Salvation Army would support Bush's push on faith-based initiatives if Bush made sure that The Salvation Army would be exempt from local and state legislations that prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation.

  4. Wil: I'm glad you I know too!

    Barry: I'm so sorry to hear that, I'm going to miss you; glad you're still commenting though.

    Tracy: Thanks for the heads up, I'll read those articles, and more about the SA

  5. "Atta boy, Clarence." *sniff* Gets me everytime, too. your month sounds delightful.

    and aside to Barry ~ keep commenting so we know you're well, k? pleeeeease?

  6. Can I be friends with your friends? How in the world did you manage to convince them you wouldn't be exchanging gifts? I've been trying to find out the secret to that for ages!

    A few years ago I asked my in-laws to send money to my favorite charities, when they asked me what I wanted for Christmas. They looked at me like I was from another planet. I guess that's because I was! ;)

  7. My friends and I started, I hope, an annual tradition of vacations together so I got them each a flask with a Texan flag. I think it's important to show your heritage. :)

  8. Pobs: What'd you wish when you threw that rooooooooooooooooooock? is my favorite line.

    Dan: Yeah, boy; You ARE friends with my friends and we will buy you NOTHING, welcome aboard, babe! I had a similar reaction from my (former) in-laws when I suggested we draw names instead of buying for everyone. Maybe that's why they're FORMER in-laws, yes?

    CrazyU: Though I don't know for sure what I'd put in one, I always wanted a flask! You rock!

  9. Though I don't know for sure what I'd put in one, I always wanted a flask!

    Maybe a lemon-drop martini?

  10. Sounds like such a nice evening...I didn't even know we had a downtown tree...

    I'm thinking of donating some $$$ to kitty charities...

  11. it's nice when these holidays can be less stressful and more enjoyable---not buying duty gifts is one way. And it's not like you don't want to give something fun and nice to friends and family, but when it's expected because of the holiday, it can wind up being a stresser and not really an impulsive, loving gesture.

    Have a great holiday season!!

  12. Well done. It's a perfect plan. You've kept all the best parts of the holiday and let the unimportant stuff go.

  13. Wil: Ooo, I puckered up just reading those recipes. Maybe I'll try one of those...

    Momo: The downtown tree moved from Westside Park to One Main. Money talks, I guess.

    Jay are: It is nice not to be racking my brain for ideas!

    Theresa: Hey girl, nice to see your face again! Thanks, we're pleased with The Plan.

  14. I love your Holiday spirit!!!

    I'm printing out pictures of my friends I've taken during the year...and placing them in inexpensive ..which I'll try to handpaint if I get the add a personal touch...

    I think your idea is much less complicated..I'll make a note of that for next year..

  15. I'm SO behind schedule. But this is great. I love that movie.

    Here's to a stress-free month!

  16. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Hey A. Lori,

    Just wanted to let you know while you're in such a giving mood.... I have gotten involved in my school, and am doing alot of charity work. I just finished up a coat drive. We raised 192 coats for the homeless!!! yay us!! So if you would be interested in helping me get the word out about things, let me know and I'll tell you of the next project. Talk to you later.
    Love you!


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