Monday, December 18, 2006

Mr. Potato Head Works the Camera

It was rainy this evening, but still warm enough that I could fire up the gas grill and cook just inside the garage. On the menu tonight was habanero bbq chicken, and the world's most fattening mashed potatoes, loaded with butter, cheddar, and bacon. Lord, I would NEVER cook that for myself. Instead, I had a lovely side of sauteed grape tomatoes and fresh spinach, with a splash of balsamic vinegar and parmesan. The boys passed, concerned about e-coli. Yeah, and I have some some ocean front property in Arizona....

Oh, group picture, group picture! The guys here for dinner....Here's Chris Hinton, Brian Jolley, and Chad Crook, all friends since the age of 11 or so:

[Click to enlargen-ate.]

24 hours home and Brian is already clearly tired of group pictures.

I'm posting anyway, that'll show him. Can't you just hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings?


  1. I can hardly wait!

  2. Aint' no cooking like moms home cooking.

    Can't wait to see what else you post from his visit.

    I think Brian had even more muscles! Do they just do push ups for fun or something?

  3. I cain't hardly wait! What's more those mashed potatoes sound DIVINE!
    I'm hungry! Enjoy thge holidays darlin! As always, love your pics, love your bloggy, love you and your son. All the best!

  4. Mary: Ha! I'll ask him, but I'm thinking No, on the push-ups for fun routine.

    Andy: Sure, anything with butter, cheese, and bacon mixed together is divine. I gained 2 pounds just writing that.

  5. The worlds most fattening mashed potatoes...

    I'm sold!!

    Save some for me! ;)


  6. I'd rather have fattening mashed potatoes over chocolate any day. :)

    They are just beginning to sell spinach in the stores again where I am...very annoying when all the mixed greens are labelled 'NO SPINACH!' with a happy face.

    Bah! I went to my favourite restaurant and ordered up a big spinach salad. I laugh in the face of danger from vegetables! Moo-wa-ha-ha!


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