Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Random Bits Blog Day

Houston, I have fish! Yes, 6 weeks after acquiring and filling the fish tank, all of the ammonia levels and nitrites are finally perfect. I bought 3 cute little "Headlight Tail-Light Tetras," and can add more fish each week. These have what appears to be a light in their eyes, and one at the end of their fanny. I've named them after my friend Melissa, and her kids Kirstin and Nik, because they also have fannies that light up.

Agelio Batle

Here's another one of my favorite things: A graphite sculpture by San Francisco artist Agelio Batle, begifted to me a few years ago by my friend, Lori. The entire thing is a pencil, you can write with it...if you want. Mine just sits prettily on the mantle.

He's got a lot of rockin stuff, and if you email him, you'll get a nice little response and a pricelist. They're a little pricey, but not outrageous. If you're looking for a cool gift, check it out. Support the arts, and all that jazz.

Thara Thai

For you local folk-als that love Thai food: Get ye over to Thara Thai on Bloomington Road. I'm always surprised at how many of you Thai-food enthusiasts have never heard of Thara Thai!

If you like hole-in-the wall establishments with great food and motherly service, this is it. The owner/waitress/cook will wait on you hand and foot. Her name is Pon, and she'll serve it up mild, hot, extra hot, or "thai hot." If you discuss it with her firsthand, she'll remember you when you come back, and you'll get whatever you order done just your way. MMMMM, spicy tom-kha on this wet cold day....

That said, if you're on a tight time limit, you may have to choose another place, or you'll miss your movie. Pon's a busy one, has a small staff, and cooks everything up from scratch. Just chill out. Sit back, have a laugh with your friends and wait for it; you won't be sorry.

Blog, revisited.

I decorated the house last weekend, and am reminded each year, as I do so, of a practical joke Brian and his friends played on me the first year we lived here. In the space of time it took me to run out for one missing ingredient, he hid this tree:

And replaced it with this one.

I know, I know, I blogged this last year, but hey, holidays are all about getting together with crazy old ladies like me that repeat themselves. Repeat themselves. Plus, I didn't know a lot of you last year. So I'm telling it again.

That's all for today, kiddies. I have real work to do!

**P.S. Note to my beta-blogger buddies: I am TRYING to comment on your blogs, but Blogger won't let me. I'm still reading, though.


  1. I can imagine the look on ur face when encountered with the Keebler Elf Tree!!!

  2. mmmm Thai food!

    (That is a GREAT joke...a wee little bitty tree. FUNNY!)

  3. Yah, I've heard BetaBlogger totally blows....

    You can't mobile blog with it, so I didn't upgrade. But for like 3 weeks, it didn't *remember* that I turned it down and kept trying to force me to upgrade.


  4. I'm an old lady too, so even though I read about the tiny tree last year, I forgot and laughed again this year.

  5. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I agree that Thara Thai has the best Thai food in Central Illinois! Pon is so great.

  6. I *love* Thara Thai :) It's definitely at the top of the list, mostly because of Pon. She's great.

  7. Hi G

    Fish have fannies?!?

  8. MaryP: Pathetic, I was so absorbed in cooking, I didn't even notice it for quite some time, while boys giggiled.

    Tai: C'mon down to Thara Thai! Yeah, I love the bitty tree.

    Gamera: I've been trying to comment everywhere on Beta, to no avail. Blogger "beta" get it together. Get it? Beta! ha.

    Theresa: Now THAT made me laugh. Go ahead and hit delete, and I'll write it again next year, and we'll both laugh and laugh anew.

    Anon: Pon rocks!...though she runs when I try to take her picture, and insists I come early in the day when she isn't steamed over. I honor her requests.

    Jade: WE just HAVE to go out!

    Dagoth: Of course they do. Cute little fishy fannies.

  9. Anonymous7:02 AM

    This is how I have to comment on non beta blogs

    Choose an identity: Other
    Type in name and url

    Don't forget the word verification. I did and had to retype everything

    Hit publish

  10. The Thai place may be worth a trek to BLoomingotn Road! Is there anything better than really good Thai food? (Okay, yeah, there is ~ but you get my point)

    LOVED the Christmas tree story and I didn't know you last year (weird!) so thanks for the rerun. Afterall, how many of us watch Charlie Brown and the Grinch year after year, too!

    And, selfishly, good to know about the beta-blogger glitch. I had wondered if I had depressed/whined you away.

  11. OK, that tree thing is the funniest joke I've seen in awhile!

  12. Never had Thai food, I'm a little slow trying new things sometimes- I'm sure I'd love it.

    I switched to Beta months ago when they had a lot of bugs in it, and I bitched and moaned...
    But now it's all fixed and as a picture blogger- I love it.
    It has really come along...

    Come join us, you wont regret it-
    trust old Poly.

  13. Yay!! Fishies! I can't wait to see them in person. Eleanor has buddies now!

    I love the tree joke! It will never get old to me!

    Thara Thai - I love it! Hands down the best asian food in town! Just be careful with the spicy - her spicy is extra spicy!

  14. Hahahahahah! (The tree thing.)

  15. LMLyn: thanks for the tip!

    Pobs: I'm back...and you could never whine me away! well, I got thru to you once; Lyn's tip backfired on me the second time I tried to comment; I'll sneak back and try again.

    Mal: Thanks. I'll tell Brian you said so.

    Poly: That's one vote for...there sure are a lot of grumblers out there right now though.

    Momo: Eleanor picks on the others; she doesn't like sharing her tank.

    laurie: me too, ha!

  16. yeah you finally have fish!!!

  17. Love the tree. We don't have one at all. Boo hoo.

    Nice post! Congrats on the fish!


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