Thursday, December 28, 2006

My new favorite things..

I met up with some friends after work yesterday, for coffee and holiday catching-up. Brian joined us for awhile, to say hi to everyone, and get his own fix of caffeine, chocolate, and sugar. It was a nice couple hours of chit-chat and cutting up. And hugging. We are a huggy lot, have you figured that out yet?

And Brian's friend Seth, in town for the holidays, stopped in to see us also. Here's Brian, ruining the picture, unbeknownst to Seth:

Brian showed up with a little bag full of gifts for me. He'd given me my "big gift" on Christmas morning (a beautiful necklace), but had left, he said "some trinkets" in his backpack at a friend's house. He sat down and began, "I didn't have wrapping paper, so I'll just have to hand them to you." I closed my eyes as he placed each item in my hand.

First up: A candle! A Yankee candle, a scent called "Midsummer's Night." Just as I was smelling it and thinking it was right up my alley, he said "it smells like a good man, Mom."

You know what that means?

Whoo hoo, ::little Mommy Happy Dance::

Next in my hand, I identify easily: Packets of seeds. Curious, I thought; what kind of seeds?

Basil! Basil seeds! I know it seems silly, but I was shocked at how well my kid knows me...or that he's really paying attention. Heh heh.

This child of mine does not eat basil! While I spend the summer planting it, buying bundles of it at the farmer's market, stringing it up around the house to dry, and researching various means of preserving it for winter cooking, I've always assumed he was completely tuned out.

But no. I got basil seeds.

They will go down in history as one of my all time favorite gifts.

I smiled through a few more gifts, each absolutely perfect for me: A rubber stamp of an artist's wooden mannekin, along with pencils, a sharpener, and a kneadable eraser.

My son left me speechless yesterday. He reinforced something that I knew to be true at one time, but had lost track of, when he flew the coop: No one really knows me better.

Not even me, sometimes.


  1. That's one awesome kid you got there....

    I always think that Midsummer's Night candle reminds me of Drakkar---the cologne my high school boyfriend used to wear.

    Definitely good man smell....

  2. Aha! Drakkar! Gamera, we were trying to think of which cologne it reminded us of...

    Those gifts were soooo very special and so thoughtful. Each one of them seemed perfect! You own a little wooden guy like the one on the stamp, don't you?

    The details he remembers - Amazing!

  3. "it smells like a good man, Mom."

    You have no idea how much I squealed when I read that line!!

    Oh my God..he reads her blog!!

    Drakkar is a yummy yummy good man smell..!!
    ::makes mental note to buy Drakkar for Mr. Poppins::

  4. Isn't this the absolute best thing about holidays -- or about any time for that matter? Being with those we love? Hugging them? Kissing them?

    What a nice post and a string of happy photos!

  5. I may not like cooks (wink) but I do like the smell of Drakkar.

    Happy New Year!

  6. The art of thoughtful gift-giving is amazingly rare and sweet...those are lovely gifts.

    Among my friends, we give UnChristmas presents because the perfect gift usually doesn't pop into our heads during the holidays, so we give a lot of spur of the moment gifts around the year. But your son has timing and everything--you are very lucky!

  7. That is most excellent. What a sweetie he is! So wonderful that he reads your blog, too. I am so glad your Christmas was special!

  8. How come this post made me cry a little.
    Oh, I'm such a sap for sweet, touching family moments. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year, Hot Stuff!

  9. Happy New Year G

    Absolutely nothing wrong with being "A Huggy Lot". I believe it's how the children get that way. I have never, ever said hello or goodbye to my son without a hug being involved. This is how they learn to care and love and listen to another heart...

  10. thought i had left a comment before but it seems to be invisible. let me assure you it was a nice comment (don't really remember). i think it was something like what a nice son you have -- he's to be treasured. oh, and happy new year!


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