Friday, December 01, 2006

Looking for the $1,000,000 idea...

While Melissa and I were working our butts off e-mailing one another last week, we concocted a million dollar idea. We spend a fair amount of time trying to concoct million dollar ideas; the sooner we come up with one, the sooner we can get to kicking back and eating bon-bons on cruise ships for the rest of our lives, y'know?

We have a few bad ideas: clothing that would deter muggers, and a restaurant in which the customer will shut the hell up and eat whatever slop we're fixing up that day.

But we hit on something brilliant last week: Mop shoes! Mop heads that you can just slip on your feet, then shuffle around and mop the floor! Admittedly, we hadn't figured out the wringing-out process yet, but we figured we'd counter-balance that obvious flaw with a callus-softener/moisturizer. Think about it: Exfoliate while you mop! God, we were just giddy with our ingenuity!

Our excitement was short lived, though. Look:

A simple google search revealed that someone else had already invented our invention.

Crap. Back to the drawing board. If you want a pair of these mop shoes that someone stole from us before we thought of them, go google "mop shoes" your own self. We're not just going to hand our money over to those sneaks!

Ok, fine. If you really want a pair, go here. I wouldn't want to step on anyone's mop-soggy toes.

But note that they don't seem to have the wringing out dilemma solved either. And I don't see anything that looks like a moisturizing agent. And why on earth is that guy wearing socks with his mop shoes?

What a stupid idea.


  1. Those appear to be Sweeping shoes ~ a truly stupid idea ~ as opposed to Mop shoes which is brilliant and far reaching. Please remember the little people when you get the wringing out problem solved. Wave your chocolate covered fingers at us from the deck of the ship as you cruise on by.

  2. Hi G

    Ok I'll share my best million dollar idea with you (but shhhhhh, don't tell anyone) A heater that hooks on to your keyboard and keeps your hands warm while you are typing in the winter...

  3. I fear I would bust my ass.

  4. My boy is always coming up with things to invent. Sadly, no millions here yet either.

  5. Pobs: You're right, sweeping shoes ARE dumb; there should at least be dustpans built into the toe of one shoe.

    Dagoth: Patent it! That's so much better than what I use at work: old cotton work gloves with the fingertips cut off. I look like a hoodlum, but my fingies are warm.

    Laurie: Hmmm...thanks for reminding me to put warning labels on my mop shoes; I will not be liable for broken legs and such!

    CrazyYou: Tell him to never give up, he'll strike on something some day!

  6. Ha! I love it!

    I was doing my own version of this the other day with some napkins on my feet trying to sop up snow.

    Your mop shoes woulda been perfect!

  7. This cracked me up. My husband is also constantly trying to think of something, and a couple of times he's come up with some great ideas. And yep--you guessed it: the next week we see them in the stores. How do they steal his ideas so fast? It's weird. Anyway, good luck!! You'll come up with something.


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