Sunday, August 19, 2007

Honor System

Clint and I wandered over to a small town near here yesterday, and on one corner on the edge of town, spotted this flatbed wagon, full of produce:

There was no vendor looking over the wagon. Instead, there were 2 cans nailed to the edge of the wagon, over the price list.

The Honor System! Remember that?!! Seriously, walk up, pick out what you want, total your goods, and throw your money in the can. Please to put the lid back on the can when you're done. Oh, and there are grocery sacks if you need them.

No hidden camera's or anything! I watched from a distance as people shopped here, on their way out of town. Not a dishonest one in the bunch.

We stopped also, picking up an onion, a couple of red peppers, and to even out our grand total to $2, a tomato. Money in the can, and we were on our way, dreaming about roasted red pepper and tomato pizza.

I loved this little wagon. I loved watching people walk up to it, and shop there, so respectful of the order there, turning produce over and putting things back where they belonged after choosing their purchases. I loved watching them dig into their pockets, count out their change, lift the lid and toss in their money.

Most of all, I was warm & fuzzied by the pure trust that one Amish vendor had, in the integrity and good-heartedness of the general public.

People continue to make me smile.


  1. Touching story. Those veggies look amazing, I want some (and at that price too)!

  2. Your photos are fantastic.

    The honor system, how cool is that?

    I like these restoring stories in humanity =)

  3. I remember when my parents used to raise sweet corn. They would pick a tractor wagon full and park it in the front of the house with the bags and money can.

    Sometimes they were home, sometimes not. They didn't bother to go out if they were because people took care of it on their own.

    Seems nostalgic, but if they still farmed - they would still do that.

    I love it.

  4. Wow, just when you're losing all faith in mankind, someone posts something like this.

  5. Anonymous2:52 AM

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