Friday, August 17, 2007

"Lobster Races Really Aren't Very Exciting"

That's the sort of thing you'll hear around my house, these days. That's Percy, Paul, Yo Jimbo, and Trogdor (and John and Tim in the back). The boys could hardly wait to fire that starting gun for the lobster race they'd anticipated, before dinner, but it turns out lobster races are somewhat anticlimactic; it was more fun watching Minx pat them all on their heads, and seeing if they can hold a wine glass in their claws (they can).

Only a few days left, and we're doing all the partying and dining out and dining in and laughing and visiting that we can before Brian heads back to Iraq. We're shrugging off dreading our farewells, and making the most of the time we have left. The clock is ticking though, so this entry's a short one: I have to get about having some more fun.


  1. you're supposed to use sections of gutter that are capped at each end to hold the water.

    you better get more lobsters and do it again!

  2. Angela Reinhart2:06 PM

    This is great! I hope the lobsters enjoyed the wine! Which one goes with seafood - white or red?

    I'm anxiously awaiting "anonymous" to post about this one.....ha! ha!

  3. oh man, now I want some lobster tail swimming in a vat of warm butter!

    Enjoy every moment together =)

  4. Dave won't eat lobster because he remembers playing with live lobsters his dad brought home. Dave swears he heard them screaming when dropped into the boiling water. Me, I'd probably eat lobster raw, whether or not I'd played with it beforehand.

    I'm so glad Brian's home. I wish he could stay for good.

  5. So glad you're having such a great time with Brian home! Thanks for sharing a bit of your time with all of us.

    My hubby is coming home Saturday the 18th after 592 days on Active Duty - the girls are so excited that Dad will be back home!

    We're praying for you guys and all the great things happening with the Toys for Troops!

  6. Just LOVE that final photo -- your face says it all!



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