Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toys for Troops at Virginia Theater

Lots still happening in Beanie World. While we are busy mailing beanies, and YOU are busy mailing beanies, we are sneaking around and planning events behind your back. There will be cookouts and Thanksgiving packages, and Christmas gifts. We'll be at festivals, in schools, and...hey, we'll show up wherever you want us to be.

Next up on the calendar:

September 7 & 8, Virginia Theater

The News-Gazette
is hosting a collection/drive to benefit Toys for Troops during The News-Gazette Film Series at the next movie, M*A*S*H next Friday and Saturday at the Virginia Theater.

Stop by and see us, and bring your beanies, soccer balls, and care-package items. The movie plays at 7:00 Friday night, and at 1:00 and 7:00 Saturday, and we'll be there before and after.

With the holidays fast approaching, we hope to expand our focus to care packages for the soldiers at Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition to beanies, we're going to send each soldier on our list a box filled with some basic necessities, and a few gifts and luxuries. If you'd like to donate towards care packages, feel free to bring any of the following items:
  • wet wipes, beef jerky, energy bars, sunflower seeds, trail mix, Powdered Gatorade, and powdered drink mixes
  • koozies to keep bottles and cans cool
  • long socks (boot length, black, green, or white), brown or tan t-shirts
  • AA batteries
  • magazines & books
  • zip-lock bags
  • books
  • eye drops, aspirin, foot creams
  • toiletries, such as deodorant, foot creams, eye drops, lip balm, q-tips
  • sunscreen
  • writing materials
  • CDs, playing cards, dice
...or any other item that you think would make a soldier's day a little bit nicer.

At any rate, come and see the movie, and stop and say hello, will ya?


  1. No words here Lori ... you just keep on amazing us!

  2. You are so amazingly COOL! Keep up the good work!



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