Thursday, August 02, 2007

USO, Atlanta, GA

HEY! Guess what the USO gave Brian, when he arrived in Atlanta yesterday?!!

A screwdriver?



Of course not.



Pen & Pencil Set?



  1. Bloglines is silly because it shows the first post you put up, which I thought was a thoughtful post about how you care. Understand though, that most of the people who write these things don't understand the sacrifice it takes to raise a child, to see them go to war and to love them everyday. They lack the life context necessary to make proper judgments about what it really is to love and feel. They know only how to progress in life with only their own self-righteous frame of mind because they, again, don't understand what real sacrifice is. And they don't understand how truly important love and the context of love truly are.

  2. Very cute. This little guy could be the mascot for TFT ;)

    Enjoy every moment you spend with your son. Have a great weekend.

  3. Contact USO Georgia. You might just be surprised what help they can be to TFT.

  4. The USO is one of the finest organizations out there supporting our troops. I was always so grateful to have them around. Whenever we PCS'd or even if I was just traveling on TDY orders they had a spot in the airport you could go to rest, get a quick snack, watch some TV, read a book, sometimes even shower and change. Three cheers for the USO.

  5. That's awesome! The USO is such a great organization.

  6. Mike: Yeahhh, the first post...I thought better of it, and starting Round 2. ;-)

    Spice: We do have a few posters with that guy on it. Hope you have a great weekend also.

    PD: I've been in touch with USO, and intend to link them to TFT soon.

    Matt & Glock: They get my support also. Wish I could work with them locally.


  7. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, will he keep this one?

  8. Oh! Oh! Oh! I had a thought after posting that last comment ~ give that one to the cat so she doesn't have to lose ALL of them!!!!


  9. See those Beanies are the comfort food that spans all ages, race, gender, and nations =)

  10. Riot! So glad to see you so happy!

  11. LOL!!!! Can you imagine that...??!! You probably never knew they existed before today....::snicker::

    Enjoy your weekend...I want pictures...lots of em'!!

  12. That's just fantastic! Is it because they knew about your campaign, or was it just coincidence, I wonder? How cool.

  13. Gotta love it! I hope y'all are having nice time together!

  14. Stephanie9:02 PM

    Aren't those so cute? I live in Atlanta and fly out quite a bit. I just love seeing the big macho soldiers carrying their beanies!


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