Wednesday, August 08, 2007

'Sketti Update & RSVP por favor

Good Lord, are you sick of Beanie-Blather and Spaghetti-Speak yet?! Seriously, I don't know how you can stand me anymore. I do have other things to tell you, believe it or not.

For instance,
  • Wailing "I'm just so distracted because my son just got back from Iraq!!" will get you out of a speeding ticket.
  • Have any of you ever played Nogla?
  • Momo and Woof had a baby girl (Matilda Grace, 6 lb, 9 oz) 12 days ago, but they're not blogging it, which is just driving me crazy!
  • My elbow hurts, but I don't want to go to the doctor.
There is a lot going on, I tell you. But later, all that.

The Spaghetti Dinner's on.

I'm not fixing it all myself, this time around; I couldn't figure out how to bring 90 crockpots of spaghetti sauce into the Esquire, all by myself. I wanted to. I really wanted to. At any rate, there will be spaghetti, with meat sauce, and without.

Door Prizes: Goodness, everyone has been so nice, donating doorprizes. We have oil changes, and candles, and Mary Kaye baskets, and car washes, and gift certificates, and other stuff I don't even know yet.

50/50 Drawing. Well, I bought the tickets for that, and I'm recruiting sunny pushy personalities to sell them on Sunday night.

I'm already amazed and excited about the community response to the idea. Financial donations are already rolling in from around the state, to help out with the dinner, and the cause.

If you volunteered to help out and you haven't heard from me, please e-mail me, and I'll catch you up further.

(French, for Respond So Very Promptly,
according to Laverne, on
Laverne & Shirley)

I know it will be a vague headcount, but if you're coming for sure, can you comment here, or send me a quick note, at It's difficult to know how much spaghetti to bring, will there be 40 or 400 at the party? Oooo, I hope it's 400, I want to meet each and every one of you!

Ok. Off to work. See you Sunday!


  1. lbotp5:02 PM

    Lori -- Best of luck on Sunday. I wish we could be there, but unfortunately we cannot. What you have done in such a short time is so inspiring!

  2. Wow, you sound so different from what I expected, in a good way :) The Spaghetti dinner is such a great idea, good luck with it. Should be wonderful, really wish I could come along. We had womens day in SA yesterday, which made me think of you. You are definitely an inspirational woman.

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Go get 'em girl!
    I can't be there (working) but have passed along the info to Kim.
    What time? She'll bring a friend, Doug most likely!

  4. How I wish I could be there! In spirit, I will be for sure - along with my boys. Kiss everyone for us!

  5. Thank you for the update on Momo, I check in on her blog once in a while and I was wondering what on. Good luck tomorrow!!

  6. I hope everything turned out perfectly for you!


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