Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Spaghetti Dinner Photos are Up

I'm slogging through the aftermath, getting stuff done as fast as I can, while at the same time enjoying every minute I can grab with Brian before he heads back. At least I have a few photos ready for your checking out-ing.

Here's Chris and Brian. Chris's son Billy will be home from Iraq any day now, and we are so excited! Until he gets here, I loaned her my son for kid-hugs.

For more photos from the Sunday night gala, click here.

If you were at the event, and have any photos to share, I'd like to add them to our set. Please send them my way!


  1. Is he home for good please tell me yes!!!

  2. I was thinking of you the other day when I was watching Clean House I believe it's called...and they have to sell stuff out of their house to pay for it to get redecorated...anyway they had tons of beanie babies to sell.

  3. It looks like ya'll had a blast! Woo hoo!!

  4. you did it, you did it, you really really did it! Congratulations on your smashing success.

  5. Did you hug Brian for us. Huh? Didja? I'm so glad it's been so nice for you all...


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