Monday, August 13, 2007

The Mindset, Day After

My head spins, today.

So many wonderful memories from last night, dancing through my head. I arrived at work 10 minutes late, after 4 hours of sleep. By 3:30, I was facing 45 more minutes of textbook concentration, literally dizzy with exhaustion. I was home, and sound asleep by 4:20, quite a feat for an insomniac.

I awoke in a complete panic: I have to get to work! No! I have the day off! Wait! I don't work today! Why would I have the day off?! What IS today? Is it Sunday morning?! What's going on?!

My panic subsided, by Seventeen Fifteen. That's Military Talk for 5:15. Or should that be Seventeen-Quarter, or Seventeen 1/4? Is it even Seventeen? What's 12 + 5? I have no idea; why do I try to talk about things in which I have no idea?

My car is full of beanies.

I have doorprizes to drop off.

Crap, I forgot to take Mom's meds' to her.

Why did I buy new flip-flops for the big day, I have a blister on my foot.

I need to resize the photos, and post them on the website.

Who was that guy that threw us a $100 bill and got grouchy (but sweet-grouchy; he didn't fool me) when I thanked him?

I'm out of cat food.

Did I actually listen to a proclamation by a councilman while wearing a "FREE HUG" sign across my waist?

That Jesse was sure wonderful, she worked her butt off, while I did nothing.

I have to run to Walgreens.

Dona showed up! She worked her butt off too. I did nothing.

I can hardly wait for Billy to get back, I am so going to his party.

Glock 21 looks like my third husband-to-be, John Cusack.

Mrs. Cake made all of those pies, she rocks.

I finally met Jeff Facer, the guy that designed It's about time.

Yay, cousin Michael showed up.

Isabella, the little girl that put up the Mouse sign was there. Gah, she left before I got to talk to her.

Oreo's with Easy Cheese: Uh. Delicious. Yeah. That's the ticket.

JEREMY showed up, I can't believe it. He flew all the way here from Turkey, and his Mother, who put up THREE, count 'em, THREE Christmas trees, suprised the holy heck out of me on Sunday night. I love them. I'm not being flippant. I love them.

My blister hurts.

Rafael: Necesito mas cerveza pare estudiar mi espanol!

We gave Margaret $2.

I am up, once again, entirely too late.

Comprehensive thoughts to follow after proper sleep-ation.


  1. I like your free-form blogging style today. Matches my mood exactly.

    Hope you get some good sleep, m' dear! :)

  2. Sounds like the effort was well worth the ensuing exhaustion - and another great blog post came out of it as well. See? Everybody wins! ;-)

  3. Easy Cheese and Oreos?

  4. you bet. double stuff oreos with a squirt of easy cheese. pop the whole thing in your mouth and munch. they taste just like cheese cake.

  5. PB: Can you share with us, once again, the origin of that recipe?

  6. Easy cheese and Oreos? Think not.

    However, I thought of you when I read this:

  7. you bet. a guy I was stationed with. a guy from West Memphis, Arkansas. A guy who was born and raised in a trailer park. A guy who at nineteen was on wife #2. a guy who ....

    oh fergit it.

    you get the picture.

    My good buddy Tony T.

  8. Of course, I should also mention that Tony T., whose neck was certainly the definition of red, was also the best linguist I ever trained. While he was between wife #1 and wife #2 (wife #1, a certified nymphomaniac, left him for a hometown boy who promised more security because he "mowed lawns and raced cars" - I suspect there were other motives at work there too), he moved into the apartment of a Colombian stripper and lived the life we all envy. It was even better because she was the kept girlfriend of a Lockheed contractor and he paid all the bills and never came to visit.

    The last time he came through here, after the departure of wife #2, he brought a case of aguardiente with him that we foolishly wasted on a bunch of undeservelings in a bar up in Rantucky.

    I probably also shouldn't tell you about his recipe for "hamburger sammiches".

  9. Help a girl out here: Don't forget about the cookbook I plan to publish, one day.

    Spill the hamburger sammich recipe.

  10. It's really not much. Mix a pound or so of burger with some lipton onion soup mix, smear it into the bottom of an 8 X 8 baking tin, cover with velveeta and bake. when the meat is done, cut it into four squares and serve on bleached wonder bread with whatever fixin's you can afford or steal.

  11. "Glock 21 looks like my third husband-to-be, John Cusack."

    Careful, the Cusack family could probably afford some really expensive lawyers for that inevitable defamation suit. ;-)

    I'm going to credit the cheap sunglasses at night, even if prairie biker thinks it looks dorky.

  12. I'm tired just reading it!!! You're a good mom!


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