Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One More for the Road...

After tearful goodbyes at 2 a.m. Monday, Brian's plane was canceled, due to heavy rain and flash flood warnings in Chicago. He returned home. We took him back last night. Just as we walked him to his gate, his plane was canceled, and rescheduled for this afternoon. We brought him home again. Another goodbye this morning, and he's on his way, to try for a 3rd time.

OK with me; I got a few more hours with him, and, as usual, a few more laughs. On the way home from O'Hare last night, he found a clown nose in the car (don't ask) and put it on. "Oh! Let me take your picture!"

He did it! Oh, boy, he's playing along, I'm going to take it and run with it! "Now, show me your sad clown face!"

"Do Horny Clown."

"I can't do horny clown with just my face, Mom."

"Uh. Yeah. Well, I meant sexy clown. Show me sexy clown."

"Very convincing. Do mad clown."

Yay! Last one, and I promise I'll stop.

I present to you the piece de resistance: Drunk Clown.

I laughed all the way home.

Man, I'm glad that flight was canceled.


  1. I know where he gets it!

    He is adorable!

    I am glad his flights were canceled too!

  2. Angela Reinhart12:01 PM

    I talked to Michelle yesterday morning and she said that she was coming back from the airport....ha! ha! I'm glad you guys had a few more hours with him!

    Have a good day!


  3. The boy is pure genius! Oh yeah, words n-e-v-e-r spoken in our vehicle: "Oh, be careful, don't step on my clown nose." I bet you can't say the same.

  4. Nancy: It was nice to have an extension. He was praying the 3rd flight would be canceled, but, alas.

    Angela: Everyone got their turn to Chicago this week. I had half a mind to go with Michelle, and do some shopping after...

    AZ: I guess I can't say the same...because I WOULD say, don't step on my clown nose.

  5. RIOT! Sexy clown is THE BEST!!!
    HAHAHAHAHA! Rock the heck on!
    I tried calling you last night to see if you were OK but you weren't picking up. Love you!

    word ver:ugitnsd

    U Git'n Sad?

  6. Thanks for the laugh. This is great! I can't believe all those cancellations - but thank goodness for the extra hours...

  7. Yay for the extra time! Boo that he had to leave.

  8. Oh, he's so sweet!

    I'm glad you got some extra time with him. :)


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