Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Good Man" Candles

I got a 'lil Christmas bonus today, and declared it a good one to start some holiday shopping. Ohhh, I got a lot of cute things: a new tote bag, a martini shaker, a bottle of wine, and a pillar candle.

All for me. Me, me, me.

Do any of the rest of you do that, come home with a bunch of loot for yourself, when you're out shopping for others? Tsk.

My best find for the day was the candle. I love candles, but I don't like "food-scented" candles. No cinnamon bun-sugar cookie candles. I have a hard enough time staying out of the refrigerator without scented wax making my stomach growl.

I like a candle to smell spicy, in a masculine, cologne-y sort of way. Pepper. Sandalwood. I like my candles to smell, I tell my friends, "like a good man."

Pier 1 Imports used to have a kickass Asian Spice, but they discontinued them because I loved them so much. I've picked up a few sandalwood/lemongrass combinations (Tuesday Morning), but I'm always on the lookout. Or the smellout, so to speak.

Tonight I hit paydirt with World Market's "Indonesian Teak." Can't you just imagine the smell by looking at them? Yum!
I only bought one, and the house smells great even though I haven't lit the thing.

If any of you have any other "good man" candle recommendations, let me know, I'll run right out and take a sniff.


  1. I will fess up to also being most proficient in the always buying something for ME when shopping for others. Yay for ME shopping!

    P.S> Also in love with Pier 1.

  2. >...they discontinued them because I loved them so much.<

    Haha. Yes, it really is all about you, you, you!

  3. I totally buy myself stuff when I'm shopping for others (hey, I get them stuff too!). I just think of it as, well, you know, a gift for being so thoughtful and nice. :)

  4. I'm with Larry Jones - this was my favorite part:

    ...they discontinued them because I loved them so much.

    HA!! I feel the exact way sometimes!

  5. Nancy: One for you, one for me, one for me, one for me...

    Larry: Your point?

    Mal: It's good to reward ourselves for being so kind.

    Momo: Discontinued with no warning! I would have stocked up. On the reed incense too!

  6. Which is your favorite among men's colognes?

  7. Wil: I'm not terribly familiar with too many scents, but I do like Armani Mania. Nothing terribly sweet and overpowering.

  8. "I like my candles to smell, like a good man." ~ this is one of those classic of those that should go down in history!!!

  9. Anonymous8:00 PM

    does it smell like Gio??

  10. ooh thats soo for myself always excites me!!
    and have developed a fetish for candles past one yr..and i simply love scented candles!...happy xmas!

  11. I'm still waiting on my bonus. Oh, did I tell you that I work for Ebenezer Scrooge. :)
    Happy Holidays!!

  12. You're such a riot! FYI I had to close up shop at least for a bit. I was just taking too much shit for it in the real world. Meh.

  13. if only we could find the 'good man' the candle was named after...

  14. You deserve all that and more!
    Me, I don't shop this time of year. I can't handle the crowds or the pressure.

    The candles are pretty - I don't usually like any scented things - but that does sound nice. Hmmm.... Maybe after Christmas when everything goes on sale....

  15. Try Pacifica candles. My current favorites are the Kashmire (lemon verbena and patchouli) and Marrakech Spice which is a combo of spices like cardamom. They also make a very nice thai lemongrass one, and a great sandalwood.

    My favorites are the soy candles - they burn clean and don't leave any wax residue unburned. See their website @


  16. Anonymous2:10 AM

    Pier 1 has brought back the Asian Spice candles and diffuser sticks. I'm hoping they bring back the incense as well :-)

  17. Here's a site with really funny man candles like Stripper, Hippie and Urinal Cake.


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