Monday, November 17, 2008

HELP! Military Christmas Photos Wanted

Ok, so my blog might be a little one-sided in the next couple of weeks, while we get Christmas gifts to soldiers together. You have your choice: Posts about frenziedly (is that a word?) putting this event together, or...crickets. (Ohhh, I hope you don't choose crickets, but I'll respect your choice.)

Jeremy Jay, and Blow-up Santa he was forced to
keep inside of his tent.


I am trying to put together a collage of "Military" Christmases. Christmas in Iraq. Christmas in Afghanistan. Christmas wherever you are, soldier! Christmas Soldiers, Christmas tents, Christmas humvees or dinners or barracks!

DEADLINE: Yesterday. I'm sorry. Everyone keeps asking me how I get all of this stuff done: By the seat of my pants, that's how, and I'm flying right NOW! It's the nature of the Thanksgiving-then-Christmas beast. I'd like to make a few posters from them.

Mail your snapshots to me here:

I'll share with the world what I get, and give the photographer full credit. I'm not going to steal photos off the net, and I'll just use what I end up with in the next 24-48 hours.

Please: Panic! Forward this to anyone that might be able to help!

Thank you.

I'll send a poster of the final collage to every participant.


  1. What a great idea. I wish I had some at my disposal I would send them in to you. Keep up the great work supporting our troops.

  2. Oh, I can feel your panic Lori.
    Sorry, have no pics of the desired type..but, but why not just google and get some from the internet? I checked and there are many.

    You don't have to 'steal'..just give the websites/people due credit while you use the pics for the poster. No ?

  3. If I get em I'll send 'em. Great idea!!!

  4. By the way I put my first political blog on my site , I'm curious on your opinion. I believe we need to be there, but I am torn with the greed from the people who don't have to fight and the profits they make from our patriots, Lori, you are a Saint. Me, I am MAD.My faith lies in people like you that can give us hope. HOPE. The word that first led me to your blog.A blog you posted about HOPE. we unite.


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