Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Post Office Party!

Whoo hoo! All of the Thanksgiving Care Packages are on their way to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. Clint and I spent 90 minutes in the Post Office this morning.

We are becoming Post Office Conniseurs.

First of all, I smartly ordered all of my boxes and forms from However, I stupidly didn't allow enough time for them to be delivered. Monday evening I was still boxless, and running like crazy. When all was said and done, my shipping supplies came from Post Offices in Champaign, Savoy, Tolono and Urbana. Lesson learned; I won't do THAT again!

Also, I've learned that calling ahead is much appreciated. It's good to go when every window is open. Seriously, you just try bringing 70 boxes to the counter when there are only 2 clerks working, and see how much love you get from the people behind you that just need to buy one lousy stamp.

Not much, that's how much.

Andy was our lucky clerk today. He has a niece in Baghdad right now, and contributes to weekly care packages for her.

My secretary, Clint, helped me get Customs Forms together that I thought I'd already finished. My bad.

Here are a few of the boxes we wheeled in.

See those customers behind me? They are happy customers, oh, so happy to be in line behind us.

"Why?" you ask

Here's why:

I gambled this morning: I put this note and a tray full of home-made brownies at the counter, in hopes that it would appease those grouchier, more pressed-for-time customers.


Chocolate and a gentle explanation worked like magic. We didn't encounter one cross word this morning. We chatted, we laughed. We shook hands and passed business cards around. People asked me for flyers—and the brownie recipe. They patted my shoulder, and thanked us for all we do.

It was almost sad when it was time for us to go. I gathered up my bag of labels, and announced "We're taking our brownies and we're going home now. Last chance!" Clint carried the tray down the long line of customers still waiting. A few hedged, then got out of line to grab one before we left.

One clerk yelled "Bye, Mrs. Toys for Troops Lady!!"

Sniff. Bye-bye Post-Office People. I'll miss you.

Oh...and uh, pencil me in for December 8. I'll be back with more boxes.

And brownies. Definitely, brownies.


  1. Brownies is a brilliant idea!

  2. I bestow upon you the honorary title of "Amazing Woman"- you sure have earned it...

  3. It's such a blessing to know that people are understanding when it comes to our troops!

  4. You amaze me, all that work and you still remembered the people in line at the post office! Oh by the way, Clint looks good for a man who is exhausted from remodeling a house.

  5. StFarmer4:30 PM

    Saint Lori. Yep, I'm nominating you.

  6. Marinemom6:45 PM

    Smart move. Anyone can be apeased by chocolate. It' s a drug!

  7. Wow. You are such a... well, saint, like stfarmer said.

    As for the brownies, let me know when you next go to the post office, I'll try and go stand in line behind you.

  8. That brownie idea is a great one. And thank for getting those packages to our troops.

  9. You go girl! You're doing an awesome thing.

    And in case you wanted to know, I'd stand behind you at the post office and not utter one complaint!

    As long as the plate of brownies stayed full :)


  10. Aha.. the genius in you :D

    I wish I was standing in that line, just to see the 'Toys 'n Troops' Lady at work..and ofcourse to taste her homemade cookies !

    Excellent finish to a job well done :-)

  11. Seeking understanding through chocolate...excellent idea!! I know it would have worked on me. :-) Funny how being polite, offering explanation, and asking forgiveness can go so far. If more people would just be human to each other like that.... Awesome job, you guys, on getting all those boxes out.

  12. Aw, you throw the BEST parties, Lori!! And your secretary is the best, too. I need one just like him, I'm thinking.
    Hey - you wanna share your brownie recipe?

  13. Ah, I wouldn't say sainthood was a motive in the brownies; they were more wrought from fear of grouchy people! It was like...throwing steak to lions. Only it was brownies, and really everyone really was nice.

    Danni: Grandma's recipe, I kept saying--they were coworker Diana's Grandma's recipe, and they are delish!

  14. I'm no King are the Queen though....I nominate you for secretary of the state ! Then we know things WILL get done !

  15. You constantly amaze me. You are a good woman. Better: you rock.


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