Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm sorry I rejected you

Blogspot is acting kind of weird lately, and not e-mailing your comments to me as I have "asked" it to do. So, I have to get into the bowels of my blog to accept your comments, only this morning, I accidentally, globally rejected all of your comments to the last post. I'm interested in all that you had to say, especially the advice about south-of-the-border dentists. Feel free to recomment.


I got the bright idea to check my spam folder, and there you all were! Stupid Gmail has been sending you to spam for the last week. I did get to read your comments after all, but when I tried to publish them I got a snotty message: "This comment has already been moderated, bitch." See? Told you it was snotty. So, in response, I hit the "THIS IS NOT SPAM, YOU JACKASS" button.

I showed that spam folder a thing or two.

I hope.


  1. Wow, my comment was so profound and thought provoking. Too bad. Wish I could remember what I said. I'm sure it was life changing though. :)

  2. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Do yourself a favour and go to Wordpress.

  3. Laurie: Of course it was profound; ALL of your comments are profound.

    Dogbait: What do you love more about it, over blogger?

  4. Anonymous5:42 PM

    wordpress spam queue did the same thing to me sometime this week... i didn't see the ....jackass!.... button, but that was what i was thinking! you go girl!


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