Thursday, December 08, 2005

Blizzard de 08 December, 2005

Looks like a hurricane, doesn't it?

Outside Badri's house

My driveway, 2 hours after I shoveled it all clean.

Lori's Winter Fashion Advice: Wear What's Warm.
Mix & Match if Necessary.


  1. better you than me! Oy vey!

    Care to come visit? We're looking at a high of 71 degrees today. Jack wore shorts yesterday, the 8th of December.

    Seriously, my heart goes out to you.

    No wait, it's too cold there. I'm thinking of you anyway.

  2. I love it! I love the snow. Yesterday, I was off work and walking to the bus stop, and campus town was so quiet. The snow was falling in sheets, hardly anyone was outside, and it didn't even seem cold to me (I was layered, of course, so that could be why). I think it's beautiful.

    I don't know where you live, shy_smiley, but unless it's the tropics, 71 degrees this time of year is worrisome.

  3. Pics are nice .. There is as "W" in between the trees .. OMG ... He is everywhere ..

    Winter is good except when you have to get up 20 min early to work clean the whole damn car. Drive slow for sure you are going to slip and slide..

    It is really pretty to go see snow that is what I think ..


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  5. I don't miss that stuff at all. If it makes you feel any better, we did get rain here in So.Cal. The freeways are going to be a nightmare!

  6. I feel crazy. (Well, admittedly, I probably am.) I keep asking myself:


    Can I move in with you, Shy Smiley?

  7. waaaHHHH! I miss cold weather. I miss snow. The current weather over here is humid. The day starts off sunny ...and then the sky turns a greyish black and by 5pm we're hearing the roar of thunder. Certain parts of central Kuala Lumpur floods. I've driven through at least 5 inches of water...with water sprouting out of side drain.

  8. It did rain, okay sprinkled, this morning in LA. At lunch it was sunny and 68 degrees. I was in Indy over the weekend and when I had to scrape the windows with my credit card (no scraper in the rental), after I lost my gloves in 3 degree weather, I was very happy to get back to the land of sun.

  9. it looked much the same way here last night. and i had to drive home in it!! i love my Scion! great in snow too!

  10. In the next ice age those of you living in constantly warm climates will be the first to go. Those of us used to wearing bad hats in the winter to survive will.


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