Saturday, December 24, 2005

Mi Vida Nueva

It is a Christmas Eve of a different sort.

Though I've time under my belt, "on my own," my paths as a single girl are still establishing themselves. I sit in a chair, curled up with my laptop. My son is crashed on the couch next to me. Our Crazy Tunisian friend, Atef, had joined us for the evening, along with the Gandhi-esque Ilaiy, (also crazy), from India. 2 more from The Coffee Clique, Momo and Woof, married, had actual family obligations, and so are not here tonight.

Thai coconut green-curry chicken is simmering on the stove, we're to stir fry some sesame green beans, and portobello mushrooms are marinading, waiting for their broiler doom. Meanwhile, we're socializing, napping, and blogging while we laugh over "Stripes," the DVD my son got for Christmas this morning, from his Dad. Neither one of them have ever seen "A Christmas Story," and I intend to give them a cultural education when the movie's over; 24 hours straight on TBS, baby!

We are incredibly comfortable, save missing Momo & Woof.

And I am contemplative, as I am most Christmas Eve's, about the State of My Life. You just never know where life will lead you, do you? One year ago, I had not met these now-fierce friends.

Any time I find myself sitting in the glow of a decorated tree, gifts and a napping cat underneath, and in the company of friends and family...

I can only be thankful, that I am so blessed.


  1. I'm so sad we're not there!!! Waaaaaahhhhh!! But, I'm glad we're missed and we are missing you as well.

    I shoulda called you. I thought about it and have been thinking of you, but wasn't sure how busy you would be tonight.

    We love you guys!! And we had a great Christmas Eve Eve. I loved every minute of it. Even when I spilled my coveted salty "soup". (BTW, I suffered no ill effects from it.)

  2. Hope you are having a terrific Christmas Day! Sounds like you're truly we are!



  3. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Merry christmas:)


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