Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dayquil-Induced Nothing Entry

I still have the flu. I still have to come to work. There is no work to do at work. Here are some random pix from the last week.

It's official: My nephew, Dane, is the world's worst gift-wrapper:

This guy sits atop the wall at Radio Maria, a local restaurant. How many times have we walked beneath him and never noticed? That's my friend Lori. Why is she tickling his feet? Because we drank too much wine, that's why.

Here's one thing Lori gave me for Christmas. Since we've been best-friends since we were 10 years old, she's the only person that could get away with it.

Our friend Atef wants to cook an authentic Tunisian meal for us. In order to do so, we need to find this vessel, a Tajine. The meal cooked in it is also called a Tajine. Where in the heck do we buy a Tajine?


  1. Sorry you have to be at work. I'm sorry I do, too! OK, enough of feeling sorry...

    I like these pics. I'd like to try that fancy-schmancy lotion you got therr.

    I found some Tajine recipes so we might know what to expect:

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    new about me photo is reminiscent of annie lennox

  3. Well I had to drag myself to work today .. I am sorry I have to do this to myself ..

    I love that gift "White Trash" see if you can find me "Brown Trash" somewhere ..

    Well momo I was reading the link you send

    Other ingredients for a tajine can be fish, pigeon, beef.

    I have never tried pigeon..

  4. Ilaiy, it would be hard to say what he'd put in it - with one of his specialties being "chicken milk".

  5. So sorry you still have the flu! Hope you feel better soon!
    Hoopy Hallidays!

    word ver: rxmun = drugs mon?

  6. Chicken milk .. No way .. you would need to drug me to eat vegan stuff ..


  7. hope no one gets avian flu from that chicken milk...

    gng, just gotta say your new photo is fabulous, dahling! You look mahvalous. And eet ees better to look good than to feel good.

  8. I use to wrap my gifts just like that when I was little! I had no foresight as to how much paper it would take to wrap my gifts.

    I do a much better job now.

  9. Okay, that oddly gift-wrapped object is a sweet picture. Some people just can't wrap...Here's to you Dane...may you get better as the years go on. Hope you get better gnightgirl. My to gobble up vitamin C like smarties..and drink loads of orange juice. Oh yes, sleep is pretty essential as part of the healing process.Here's to good health!

  10. these pictures are hilarious!

  11. I found one at TJ Maxx, baby! My sis-n-law wanted one. She has yet to cook anything in it


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