Saturday, December 03, 2005

One of those...weeks

This is the face you'll get if you ask me how my week went. Pretty, huh?

There seemed to be activity and chaos every waking moment. Any attempt at clever blogging resulted in comatose staring until bedtime, which should have been an hour ago anyway.

The lowlights: Another argument with my son, followed by both of our tearful sobbing about how much we'll miss one another when he leaves for bootcamp in January. Conflict, I can handle; heartache lingers. I am currently trying to mentally prepare myself for his leaving, and yet to live in the moment, enjoy the hell out of him, and this upcoming holiday, while I can. So here we are tonight, can you see how I'm going to miss him?!

Onward, then.

My work is seasonal, and season is heating up. Our customers are outsourcing to India, we are tightening our belts, and it is apparently stressing the H-E-double-toothpicks out of the guy that has to make payroll [aka, owner and my employer, for 18+ years]! He's irritated that people want time off around the holidays; they ask me, I ask him, and "BARKBARK bark bark bark!!!!"

The same guy also called me into his office and suggested I start dragging my ass into work a few minutes BEFORE the workday begins. Ok, I'll also give him that. I'll also give him space for justified irritablility, since I was still working off the heartache from the first lowlight, and my response probably came off as a bit insincere: "Yes. Fine. 7:55 instead of 8:05. You got it. Whatever. Sir, yes sir."

Evenings were filled with second, part-time job, and a freelance project.

Highlight! "Freelance project" is for mi clientes (y amigos) favoritos, Allen and (Nurse) Nancy, who own the Silvercreek and Courier Restaurants. Go in, pull a little typsetting and photoshop "magic" and you are rewarded with wine, champagne greens, salmon, smoked white cheddar macaroni and cheese, and something called lava cakes, all made by a real live chef, (Kelly). I'll blog about them sometime later.

Friday, finally Friday!! Friday, I did a favor for an old friend and ex-husband, Rick. Rick had to have out-patient surgery, and I agreed to provide transportation, under one condition: No vomiting in my car on the way home. He promised to try not to, which was good enough.

The surgery went well. The Post-op went well...until.

Until the sweet post-op nurse came in and cheerily took his vital signs. She pulled out her clipboard, and asked me, "he's doing quite well now, and you'll be the one spending the night with him tonight?"



Rick is bandaged, supine, still groggy from anesthesia, too nauseous to sit up, and [everyone sing along, now]: HERE she Isss...Miss Ameri-bitchhhhhh...

"Um... I really wasn't planning on spending the night with him."

"YOU HAVE TO! SOMEBODY has to!!! He MUST have constant care for 16 hours after this surgery!!!" The nurse insists that we had better settle this NOW. "You don't have to sleep with him! You can stay in a different room! He can stay at YOUR house!"

The "spend the night" pressure came from the nurse for more than 2 hours; she gave me a handset and told me to settle it! I'm not making it up, she actually took me aside, and said, "Look, all you have to do is SAY it, and I'll believe it; I just have to HEAR someone SAY it..."

Well, I didn't SAY it, but we did settled it. It was still stressful, uncomfortable, guilt-worthy...I picked Rick up to take him for his follow-up appointment this morning, all the while worrying that I'd find him dead in a pool of blood, and it would be all my fault, of course, for my hesitancy.

What're the odds? Slim I guess, yay for me; he wasn't dead at all, but dressed, upright, and relatively bouncy, considering the bandages. Yay for him too.

So, I'm wrapping up my week now. Tired, but having managed to accomplish a few things, and not have Rick's death on my hands, so all was well. Here are a few photos that I grabbed along the week, but couldn't think of a single thing to say about them, in the long run:

It was -2 degrees, yesterday morning, with wind factored in.

Look at all the birds.

Here's some snow on the Christmas Lights next door.

Here's Brian and me again, only this time he's giving me bunny ears.

Tomorrow, I am taking Mother to Grandma's---MY Grandma's!!!---So, isn't that a wonderful way to wrap up a hectic week!


[Please, no gratuituous negative comments about employers or ex-husbands. I don't want to get fired, and don't care for ex-bashing. Thankyouverymuchy!]


  1. I don't bash my ex. I won't bash yours (Ok, I bash my ex-boyfriends, but NOT my ex-husband).

    Poor ex-boss. I do wish him well, and am even contemplating sending him a Happy Holidays card.

    I don't know Brian that well (at all, really), but from everything you've ever told me about him, I think the world of him. If you throw a going-away party for him, I'll be there (if invited) with present in hand.

    Love ya, darlin'!

  2. Now why would anyone say anything bad about anybody? Still, I do miss the incessant clacking of keyboards offset with humming flourescents and the same questions every morning.

    I kid, what really sucks is that I haven't found out who the cool people are at the new job and where they hang out. One of these days I'll mosey on down to Kopi.

  3. Anonymous6:00 PM

    That nurse changed her tune when she realized the post op instructions didn't say anything about someone staying with me for 16 hours. I promised I would call someone if I passed out!
    I will be forevever in your debt for taking care of me. RS

  4. Tracy: A going-away party! What a great idea; I was just planning on weeping through the month of January, but your idea sounds much better!

    Chuckie: I'm sorry I asked you the same questions every morning, but I just can't remember if heads should be in ALL CAPS or not. Thanks for you help. I'll buy you a mocha something to make up for it.

    RS: Heh heh hehhhh, forever in my debt, huh? Well, all the tree-trimming and gutter-cleaning you've helped me with, I think I'm still in YOUR debt! Thanks for not vomiting in my car.

  5. I actually thought you looked really cute, for what it's worth!

  6. I'm gonna talk trash about MY ex, dangit! I mean that, BEOTCH! She just makes me so friggin' angry. I hate her. She told me...

    Hey. Wait a minute. I'm not divorced... Ummmm.



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