Saturday, December 31, 2005


Sitting around wearing my New Year's Eve bling, waiting for my ride, wondering if this guy creeps anyone else out as much as it does me....


  1. Happy New Year! Yeah, the King creeps everybody out. What were they thinking?

  2. What were they thinking?

    I just don't know. He's not as creepy as that very first commercial where that guy woke up and HE WAS IN BED WITH HIM! Now that actually made me gasp. creepy

    Happy New Year's everyone!

  3. The king looks like he is from the "bizarro" world.

    I actually feel an "uncomfortability" when I see him in a commercial...isn't that weird?

    I vote that Lori sends our comments to Burker King and see if we can "defrock" him!

  4. I've hated all those BK commercials with "The King" but the King Kong one made me laugh out loud.

    Happy New Year!

  5. How do BK marketing execs figure the King will sell more hamburgers?

  6. Creeps me out too!

  7. Anonymous1:42 PM

    much more endearing since kong commercial. maybe 50 yesars from now, people will wax nostalgic about him

  8. He is one creepy envasive guy!. The King Kong one did make me laugh though.

  9. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Ok the Kong commercial is ok, but you have to give credit to the one with the guy looking out the back door to find the King standing at the back of his yard. He turns around to look into the house and upon turning back around the king is right in front of him...I don't care who you are that makes you crap down your leg.

  10. I may be the only dissenting voice here.

    My husband and I like the King. We like the one where he wakes up in bed with the guy and then does this big laugh while throwing his head back and then the guy laughs the same way. For some reason, that makes us lunatics laugh as well.

  11. Anonymous3:26 PM

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