Sunday, November 25, 2007

#25: CU Santa Rampage: December 8

I was going to tell you about this in another week, but then it hit me: You wouldn't have time to get your costume together! Horrors!

So. First Annual CU Santa Rampage will be Saturday, Dec. 8. As you'll read below, you just don your Santy clothes and show up downtown. This has been going on for years in other big cities, and I'm pretty sure we can outdo last year's D.C. attendance:

Get creative, people! If you can't afford or buy a santa suit, just throw on a red sweater, and grab a santa hat from Big Lots, or Target or Walmart (I bought ours at Target today for $3.99.) Kohl's has Santy-Jammies in the men's department. Get ye a union suit and some galoshes if you have to, and get OUT here and have a beverage with us, on December 8, y'hear? I don't know all of the official rules, but if you'd rather come as a reindeer, I don't see that that would be a problem either.

Here's the official information. (Psssssssst!! Pass it on, a'ight?)

Santa Rampage

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children Ages 21 and Over,

Let the Christmas season begin with the First Annual C-U Santa Rampage!!!

December 8th

The festivities begin mid-afternoon in your favorite watering hole in downtown Champaign-Urbana

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What the is Santa Rampage you ask?

Santa Rampage takes place in major cities all over the world involving tens of thousands of Santa's. It is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious & non-sensical celebration of holiday cheer, goodwill, and fun. There is no good reason to dress up in cheap Santa suits, run around town, sing songs, have strangers sit on our laps, and decide who is naughty or nice -- but it's a lot of fun -- so Santa does it anyway.

For official rules please visit these websites:

**Getting arrested is NOT FUN, for you and for anyone else involved! The authorities and local businesses usually take Santa's antics in the loving holiday spirit Santa intends, so be nice to them.


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Who are these crazy people that come-up with this stuff? I got my Santa Suit this weekend and plan on booking my hotel room this week!
    Mabye now there'll be more than the three of us downtown!
    Jeremy Jay

  2. Oh, I think there will be more than 3 of us; I'm getting email rolling in that costumes are ready.

    And Ima blog YOU too, for heading this up, JJay! Whoop!

  3. I'm spreading the word. I got the email for this a few weeks ago, but was out of town so it slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder---I've got to start planning the costume....


  4. You do/hear about/know about/organize/participate in the Coolest Stuff EVER!

    Can I be your friend? :)

  5. You, GO, Gamera! You're RICH with influence, get them out, dearie!

    Pobs: You CAN be my a santa suit? And one for Lithus? That's "CMI" in airline talk...See you on the 8th, Dahlink.


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