Thursday, November 01, 2007

Promotion: Brian Update

NaBloPoMo #1

As of today, Brian has been promoted from PFC (Private First Class) to



I haven't written about him that much, since he went back to Iraq. Truth is, I don't have a lot of new news. I encouraged him to write more often, if all he could do was reassure me that he's ok. He's done just that: an email every couple of days saying "I'm ok. I have to sleep."

In 2-3 sentences, we connect. I can appreciate that Viet Nam mothers could only have prayed for so much. I thank my lucky stars we live in the era that we do.

The truth is, I worry about him, pray for him. every. single. day.

But since I've seen him, in August, I've felt slightly better. Slightly, people. I beg for a little slack here. Many of you don't know that I've taken hits, publicly and privately. I've been accused of having a political agenda, and I've been called naive. The words "tragically sincere" finally amused, offended, and, after some thought, complimented me. I know this: I hope I'm never anything but.

At any rate, if I tell you I feel slightly more secure, I beg of you, anonymous commenters and e-mailers, do not send me reminders of what might happen to my son in Iraq, believing I have no idea.

I, as every other parent of a soldier, wear "what might happen" every single day, and I don't know that we ever won't, when this country is at war. Sons home or sons deployed, we will wear this, from here on out. Slightly more secure means that my son is, at this moment, ok. I've talked to him. I've touched him. I've hugged him, and grabbed his cheeks, and looked into his eyes. He has the same sense of humor, the same sense of pride, and dignity, and confidence, as he did before he left. If anything, he's more so, what he was.

From here on out, I'll be a soldier's Mom. I stepped into the recruiting office today, on my lunch hour. Can I get a few chotchke's for the fundraiser this weekend? While the adorable soldier ran for keychains and pens, I stood in his office, watching another young man and woman, in army fatigues, going about their work.

People, it takes every fiber of my being not go up and wrap them in my arms.


I have turned into the crazy lady in the mall that asks if she can hold your baby, only I just want to race up and hug everyone in fatigues. It absolutely kills me to stand graciously outside that office, and act unaffected.

In reality, I want to settle in. I want to sit right down, and cluck-cluck-cluck, like a mother hen. I want to reach out and pet grown men and women on their little heads, and fix them spaghetti, and I, kids...

Well. Kids... My son is serving in Iraq. He was driving this humvee, when this happened...

He called it a "Thank you Jesus Moment."
Can you stop.

For one second.

And Imagine.

Close your eyes, and imagine.

It is only 1 of 100s of photos he brought home.

You don't have to remind me.

I know.

And you know what?

My son got PROMOTED today, and I am BURSTING with pride.

And I believe in him.

And I feel slightly more secure.

Give me that.

Please. Give me that.


  1. Wtg Brian and i am giving you a hug Mom.

  2. Thank you Jesus indeed.

    PFC or SPC, title them all what they may, I still title him and all those serving ... H E R O

  3. Somehow, when printed split it doesn't look right, warrants retyping:

    H E R O !!!

  4. Miz Liz6:38 AM

    Lori - I admire your strength, tenacity, and tenderness, along with your sincerity. Nevermind the naysayers, stone casters, and folks who think that they know better than you do. I think that if military families became more vocal, there might be some palpable changes in what is otherwise, a largely apathetic population who doesn't give a damn unless it's happening to them directly. So you just keep on keeping on. And big Congrats to Brian for sticking to his guns (literally and figuratively).

  5. stfarmer9:08 AM


    I think Brian is probably pretty proud of his mom too.

  6. Yay for Brian getting promoted!!!!

    Remember to count the good comments twice and the bad ones, not at all. The bad ones are folks who have no life. They live to bring others down. Don't allow it.

    Congrats on being the mom of a specialist!

    The photo scares the hell out of me.

  7. Congrats....on all of it....

  8. I think you're super. And congrats to Brian.

  9. Congratulations to Brian! And my hat's off to you. You've got one of the hardest roles imaginable.

  10. "tragically sincere"
    I dont know what context this was used, but to me it's powerfully human.

    Congrats Brian!!!!

  11. I didn't see this until now. You are brave and wonderful and I think you're amazing. Congrats to Brian. I'm happy for him...and you.

    I know the soldiers who think you're a little nutty when you want to hug them and cook for them also think it's wonderful that you care. (Admit it. You are a little nutty. In a good way.)

  12. XX-OO-XX
    To you


    To Bri.

  13. Can I hug you? As a 35 year old Mother to a 17 year old who is getting ready to sign the dotted line to join the Army I feel a bit connected with you.

    I am so proud of him my heart could burst.

  14. What wonderful news about Brian -- on BOTH counts! I can hardly bear to look at that photo of the window, though...



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