Friday, November 23, 2007

On Censorship and Comment Moderation

NaBloPoMo #23

To ice the cake, I awoke Thanksgiving morning to another message from the infamous "Anon": a note explaining to me a few reasons why we will never be lovers. As if I'd imagined that His or Her referring to me as "Sweetie Pie" was indicative of a possible love connection. Jesus.

I deleted the comment, figuring I'd set myself up for a future onslaught. I couldn't care less about the odd accusations of my so-called political diatribes, but I've removed other vile comments from the same person, referring to my sex life, my boyfriend, my son, my family, and entire races, each with an accusational pro-war signature thrown in.

This morning, another comment came in which read, in part:

Silenced? Censored?? Oh tell me why, GnightGirl!

Of course, this is your blog, and you’re perfectly entitled to permit or deny all posts by any criteria you like.

However, you’re never going to learn much by silencing anyone who
disagrees with you. I did not stoop to vulgarity. I did not get fresh with you.
I only offer brief and very occasional perspectives that you’re very unlikely to
otherwise read.

Oh well, my gentle liberal friends, I will move on; hear from me again you will not.

You can resume your dialog only with people that think like you and, quite frankly, continue to view much of the world from a blissful state of ignorance.

It's still in the Tell Me entry, if you're interested.

So, since Anon is Anon, and I can't e-mail him/her, or address him/her in person, the time has come for me to do it here.

Dear Anon:

I will gladly tell you why I "censored" you. It's not because you intimidate or annoy me. It's that you're condescending and disrespectful. You're believe that if I walk away from your table that I'm too stupid to grasp what you have to say. Respectfully, "Sweetie Pie," has it occurred to you that you're merely crass and boorish?

I'd actually agree that your cause is worthwhile. I have wondered though, that you're willing to do so much disservice to it with your tactics, if you believe in what you say at all. If you're after educating people to issues they are blind to, drowning kittens isn't going to convince them to consider your opinions.

I'll admit to being ignorant of a lot of political issues. I'm not proud of it, but I'm tuning in, and listening, and reading up on what's happening out there. I'm protesting through polls, writing my congressman. On issues I don't entirely understand, it's easy enough to ask someone to explain it to me. Your friend Glock21, for instance, can answer some of my questions, and explain to me his point of view without an accompanying left hook.

You backpedal about getting fresh and being vulgar. Methinks thou doest protest too much. The truth is, you have been vulgar, and you know it. And malicious. Fresh? I don't know about "fresh," but I'll tell you that waking up on Thanksgiving morning to a comment from you that finished up " a love connection we are not..." was more than a little bit creepy. What in the hell are you talking about?

Hear from you again, I will not? It's the best news I've had all week. But don't for a second deceive yourself that I'm talking only to like-minded people, or that I'm blissfully ignorant.

Have a little respect.

And good luck with your cause.



  1. Ever thought about changing over your comments to HaloScan"

    Thats what I use.

    Lots of neat features that Blogger doesn't even get close to.

  2. Trolls...just goes to show they don't have a life---even on Thanksgiving.


  3. stfarmer2:15 PM

    Right on!

  4. Miz Liz4:47 PM

    Here here. I have wondered why it is that Anon refuses to reveal him or herself. If Anon truly wished to engage in a meaningful dialogue, perhaps s/he would reveal her/himself. I want to state for the record that this liberal is against the occupation and the war. But for the poor kids like Brian who are risking their lives to represent. So Lori, as I've said numerous times, you are truly a voice for the thousands of parents who might not agree with the politics but love their babies and know that parents often have to make tough choices in the name of love. So Dear Anon: read between the lines. You'll see what truly lurks there and what lurks there is not so different from the opinions you profess to possess.

  5. Gnightgirl - next time don't even waste your energy typing up an explanation. Just keep clicking on that little trash can and delete his ass out of your life.

    I don't even call my dog "sweetie pie". He's a jerk!

    and to anonymous - you've got something to say? then start your own blog!

  6. Say it loud, sistah!
    You are entitled to your opinion, your friends, your love and your life.
    And no body gets to stand around and comment/critize/condescend without your permission.
    And if they do?
    And anon? If you're still out there? Remember, it's not YOUR job to educate those whom you feel are less educated or politically aware than you unless they ASK you too.
    And it appears that Lori did not.

  7. Everyone else said what I would say. So I'll just say,

    You go girl!

  8. Thanks, everyone! Wil, I'll check into Haloscan further, thanks for the tip.

    FMM: I got several email from friends also suggesting that I just continue to ignore this person without addressing him. After doing so for the last 5 months, since I started TFT, my silence began to make me feel a bit of a doormat. I tire of letting the guy think I'm meek. Next up, if necessary: Comment moderation. Or Haloscan.

  9. I believe that debate is a healthy part of life. We can only learn by being challenged. That said, sincerity is a necessary part of the process. If growth is the goal, the path is open, honest discussion.

    Seen that from Anon? Me neither.

  10. Nicely done, GNGirl. And I do love the assumptions Anon makes about those of us who read and comment here: I gotta be honest, I *wish* I lived in the blissful state of ignorance s/he thinks we all live in. I really do.

  11. I have lately been plagued by an anon troll as well who hides behind the name of a character from Fight Club with no contact information. I've deleted their posts each time, not because they were disagreeing with my thoughts in some way, but because they were simply disrespectful (actually, they were downright psychotic, wishing me not to have been born, hoping for my downfall). I don't know, disagreement is fine with me, but just randomly wishing harm to people seems like a certifiable mental problem. This weirdo has returned a few times to post their hate (how can someone have so much hate and not realize how much it hurts them?). I'll never understand why psychotic anger-filled people feel the need to affect other's positivity, but in the meantime, I'll keep deleting those random hate-filled and pointless comments. It is, after all, my blog. If you don't like me or my thoughts, fine, but at least don't waste time from your life just being spiteful and vindictive. What a sad waste of that person's time on this earth.

    And happy belated Thanksgiving, by the way, to both you and Brian.


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