Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Las Vegas Motor Speedway: A Gift

NaBloPoMo #14

Clint surprised me yesterday, after making reservations weeks ago to do something I'd offhandedly mentioned was on my "list of things to do before I die": Ride in a veryvery fast car on a speedway.

He took a few lessons and got to drive the car himself, something I wasn't really capable of or interested in doing. I got to suit up and be a passenger, though, with a professional driver.

3 laps around the track at 160 mph, what a ride! Pix & details to come, here's a few to hold you over. Cheers!

Clint getting ready for his big driving debut.

Getting strapped in. Note the steering wheel is still on top of the car here.


My turn in the car.

Taking off. Seconds before warp speed!


  1. Oh man, lucky you!

    How sweet of Clint!

    Hey Clint? Before I die, I want a ride with the Blue Angels !


  2. holy crap, I want to do that!!

  3. Every three years we were required to attend drivers training. One cycle it would be at the CHP Academy and the next would be the Bob Bondurant course at Sonoma Raceway.

    Wasn't it a "rush"?

  4. That's fantastic! I was going to say it's on my list too, but HEY! I HAVE done that!
    But not on a track. And not legally.
    And there was police involvement.
    Hmmmm...not the same thing at all!

  5. Me! Me! I'm next! Pleeeeeeease?????

  6. Sounds like great fun.

    Did a track day once and while I enjoyed driving ordinary saloons the highlight of the day was being driven by a pro in a BMW M6 - exciting.

  7. wowie wowie wow! looks like a blast!

  8. Why didn't I do that? Your vacation looks like way more fun than mine!


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