Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tell Me...

NaBloPoMo #20

Man, this blogging daily is harder than you'd think. I have ideas daily, but time, daily? Not so much.

Another midnight bedtime approaching, I'm opting for a round of "Tell Me"

New readers, here's how the game goes: I tell you something you don't know about me, and you share something I don't know about you. I love this game. Wendy hates mustard.


My screenname, Gnightgirl, is wrought from my favorite vaudeville act, George Burns and Gracie Allen. At the end of each show, he'd bid her, "Goodnight, Gracie."

Goodnight, Gracie. Gnight, Gracie. Gnight, Girl...Gnightgirl.

I tried my hand at fiction writing once, using the screen name "Clara Bagley," a character from this Burns and Allen script:
George: (looking at Gracie, who is arranging a large vase of beautiful flowers) Grace, those are beautiful flowers. Where did they come from?

Gracie: Don't you remember, George? You said that if I went to visit Clara Bagley in the hospital I should be sure to take her flowers. So, when she wasn't looking, I did.

I sucked at fiction writing, and deleted the blog.

Your turn. And look. I know you're all on holiday vacation, and can play along. Let's set a record here.

Tell me. No matter how inane.

I'm waiting...........


  1. I LOVE this game! I sucked my thumb for years (and when I get really tired sometimes I still do, but don't tell anyone). Everyone always warned me but I never believed them until one day I measured them: my right thumb is slightly smaller than my left. And pinker.

  2. Anonymous1:57 AM

    I see you're exercising some incredible discipline. Looks like you've been able to go something like three whole days now, without your usual cheerleading for militarism and war.

    Three whole days?!

    This must be very frustrating for you. I suspect you're just about bursting at the seams about now.

    Personally, I think people like you should be embarrassed at referring to the American occupation of Iraq as "The War." Normandy beach was a war. Gettysburg was a war. The Tet Offensive was a war. But trust me sweetie pie, Iraq is NOT a war.

    It is a brutal occupation of a sovereign foreign nation and it is being done for one primary purpose: the security of Israel.

    Now go back to your Oprah show.

  3. mwoodywiz12:22 AM

    I secretly watch The View, shhhhhhhhh, Don't tell anyone,
    As for the comments by anonymous this is to you, at least have the balls to leave your name when cussing somebody out, that's so chicken shit. Gnitegirl, keep up good work.

  4. I have always hated having my hair cut, grew it pretty long in my teens and kept it that way for ten or so years. The inane chit chat while having it cut always creeped me out.

    In 2002 I started growing it again (mid life crisis?) and now get Eldest Niece to hack it off once a year - good conversation and a glass of red wine.

    To Anonymous - I have no idea of Lori’s view on the war in Iraq and I have been reading here for some time now. What I do know is that she feels your men and women over there deserve the support and encouragement of their fellow citizens. So TROLL of you fecker!

  5. I am a teeth freak.
    First thing I notice about anyone.
    I went through school to be an assistant and after a few tries of working for a dentist, I discovered I couldn't put my hands near peoples filthy mouths.

    anon: You are an idiot. Not for your opinion, we are all entitled, but for how you choose to share it.

    Lori, you now how most all of us feel about what you are doing =)

  6. Lori, you know I'm against the war, but jerks like anonymous at 1:57 a.m. give being against the war a bad name. Being against the war doesn't mean you have to be against a mother whose only son is in Iraq disarming IEDs. I hope you keep anonymous's comment up, and that everyone who reads it goes over to the Toys for Troops website and contributes something, a toy, time or money, to support you, Brian, the rest of his family and the rest of the young men and women who are doing what they understand they are called to do. Not everyone against the war is an asshole, but sometimes I wonder.

  7. I was told to do this and forgot. :) I'm glad that I stopped in. Cool how your name came about. By the way, give my love to Gracie!

  8. Sven: Yay, thanks for playing, I love this game too. You're hilarious.

    Anon: You can tivo Oprah yourself, and tell me what happens. I'm too busy working with people that want to make any kind of difference in this world to be bothered with TV.
    And don't call me sweetie pie.

    MWoodyWiz: The VIEW! I'll just tuck that info away until the next fam. reunion...

    DBA Dude: Once a year haircut. If you ever make it stateside, I'll tell you where NOT to go, lest you end up looking like Carol Brady. And I'll be introducting "fecker" into my already vast vocabularly, from now on. Thanks.

    Nancy: All the way through school to find out that mouths freaked you out? What in the heck did you see that made you run? Eh...not sure I want to know...

    Amishlaw: Thank you. You're better at putting these issues into words than I am.

    Stephen: Hey, great to see you again!

  9. Miz Liz10:27 AM

    I check out Perez Hilton's blog every day. Yup, everyday. Right after tarot.com. It keeps me humble and makes me realize how lucky I am to live a somewhat anonymous existence. One other note. Anonymous is a jackass. If s/he had any cajunas at all, s/he wouldn't have to hide behind the keyboard and feel empowered by ignorant comments. You keep on keeping on Lori - we're proud of you!

  10. I tried to think of something interesting, but since you don't really know ANYTHING about me, it's a wide open topic. :)

    Here goes: when I was in college, I was a model for life drawing and painting classes. Yeah - I stood around naked for money. And I have one of those drawings hanging in my house.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...okay here's your 'tell me'...people who use cyberspace anonymity to be condescending and (attempt to be) cruel just amuse the hell out of me because they truly don't realize How Badly it backfires.

  12. stfarmer1:23 PM

    When I was 3, I cut the end of my left index finger off... I was a patient in a hospital at the time. Go figure.

  13. Well since you don't know much about me this should be easy.

    But it isn't.

    Oh I know, I like watching Girl's Next Door - why? I don't know. But I can do a great imitation of Kendra's laugh.

    P.S. You rock. You know you are doing something right when someone goes out of their way to try to tear you down - making a difference is never easy. Keep it up.

  14. When I was a kid my mom wouldn't even let me have a BB gun. Something about shooting my eye out... :-)

    As far as your anony-stalker goes I think he should try to figure out the difference between a "battle" and a "war" before he presumes to be an expert on the definition of war.

    I've been accused of being too much of a pacifist and not caring about my country because I refuse to advocate the genocide of Muslims... and I've been accused of being a blood-thirsty imperialist for even suggesting that Constitution allows for a standing army.

    The extremists will always find some reason to despise others, even people who don't openly support or oppose their views but are assumed to oppose them, often on the most convoluted of rationales.

    The targets of their seething hatred being so baffling sometimes that they come off about as sane as Fred Phelps.

    Then again, I could be wrong, and you're just using beanie babies to further the international zionist conspiracy! Dern you! ;-)

  15. MarineMom8:59 PM

    Wow Lori, I don't know how to begin. I guess the game first. I am bilingual. did you know that? I guess now we know something about anonymous. Like that he/she is mean spirited and a coward. You know I could go on, but I won't. Not the place. Unlike anonymous, I was raised to respect others and their opinions so I guess I'll just respect his/hers. What you do is great, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

  16. What a nice game to play:) Here's my story...I say the rosary in the car on the way to work. ( and make it count as my mornings prayer). My mum would soo KILL me when she reads this.

  17. Stephanie11:17 AM

    Oh wow. Some people will never realize that supporting war and supporting our soldiers are two different things all together.

    Hmmmm, something about me. My new love of life, being my Kindergarten daughters Girl Scout leader. LOVE IT!

  18. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Silenced? Censored?? Oh tell me why, GnightGirl!

    Of course, this is your blog, and you’re perfectly entitled to permit or deny all posts by any criteria you like.

    However, you’re never going to learn much by silencing anyone who disagrees with you. I did not stoop to vulgarity. I did not get fresh with you. I only offer brief and very occasional perspectives that you’re very unlikely to otherwise read.

    Oh well, my gentle liberal friends, I will move on; hear from me again you will not.

    You can resume your dialog only with people that think like you and, quite frankly, continue to view much of the world from a blissful state of ignorance.

    ObStephanie (I can’t resist, sorry): And you can continue to believe the absurd idiom that “supporting war and supporting our soldiers are two different things all together.” I leave you with a quote from the great G.K. Chesterton, which is even more true now than it was when he wrote it in 1924: “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected."


  19. I am slow to respond. I do hate mustard. You are correct.

    But, did you know that my nickname in college was "Chicago" ??

  20. Angela Reinhart9:26 AM

    I'm a little slow....didn't get on my computer at all this weekend - GASP!

    I like to think that I'm an intelligent woman who is independant and strong.....but secretly, I'm afraid of the dark. SSHHHH!!

    Anon - we should all be thankful that there are people like Laurie in this world. She is a blessing.


  21. I too hate mustard. I know about George and Gracie but am too young to have ever heard the show. Seen? Heard? George was old and Gracie was dead before I became aware of them.

  22. I have a tattoo of a peace sign.

    yeah, definitely not what you might expect from me, but it is sincere.


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