Sunday, November 04, 2007



Sunday evening, 11:15. Dead on my feet right now, but have to at least let you know: The TFT Care Package Event was a HUGE success.

We worried, that we'd not have enough to fill our boxes. We might have to shop, on Monday, we thought, to pick up the slack, and make sure we mailed something to everyone.

The event started at 4:00.

Donations began rolling in around 2:30.

People began showing up around 3:30.

By 4:30, it was standing room only.

By 5:30, we'd packed twice what we needed. TWO boxes for every soldier, kids. And leftovers enough to fill 1/2 a trailer.

So today was filled with filling out more customs forms, creating another set of address labels, sorting through leftovers, brainstorming for the Christmas event, updating mailing addresses, and making sure every letter got packed and on it's way.

Details and a photo gallery to come.

And I hope this doesn't get old:

Thank you.


  1. Glad to hear that it went so well.

    Ignore any trollish comments that come your way - you are doing something that is really special.

    And congrats to Brian.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! What a great thing you're doing, Lori!


  3. And I have trouble organizing my closet.

    YOU are amazing!

  4. amazingly awesome... you're an angel, gnightgirl. I love you.

  5. The puppy and I stopped by briefly with some cookies and had some bratwurst. (She helped by napping in bed while I baked.) A nice lady held the leash while I went in to the food table.

  6. This is spectacular! Congratulations on a tremendous success!

  7. Never gets old! Not a chance.


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