Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NaBlo Lame-O


I'm working on a book at work that contains over 300 pages of numerical tables. Some have more than 20 columns. Align on decimals. Clear for fractions. Cells within cells. Don't forget continued lines.

I leave work in a complete stupor, a fog in my head that lifts in about an hour. My eyes looked like this at 4:30 this afternoon:
That fog never did lift this evening. No creativity, no can think of anything to write.

Hopefully this will constitute my lame-o-est NaBloPoMo entry. I'm allowed one or two, if I'm writing every day, yes?


  1. You wrote it, I read it ... it's a post! =)

  2. Sniffing paint all day does the same!

  3. I'm with Nancy. You're SO allowed a less-than-stellar post.

  4. stfarmer8:13 AM

    I think you already went above and beyond by posting while on vacation.

  5. Hahaha...I'm with ya, chica.... Good luck with those tables.


  6. Gnightgirl11:30 AM

    Gamera: I know you feel my pain. Amazing how a day in front of the old table-maker can make you feel like you've had the crap kicked out of you! I sometimes feel more like I'm leaving a boxing ring than an uncomfortable office chair...


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