Friday, November 01, 2013

NaBloPoMo 1: Nashville Trash Cans

I really have lost my mind, volunteering for NaBloPoMo, on this, of all Novembers. I am currently working on changing the name of Toys for Troops to Operation Warrior Watch. Actually, all of the name changing is done, but the website content needs to be finished, and I need to rally more volunteers as soon as I figure out what their roles will be.

Oh, and the Christmas event (Gifts for Soldiers!) is in 5 weeks. We have to make some big noise about that, and get the word out that TFT is now OWW, and we are still sending gifts to soldiers!

Anyhoo, it's a good time to commit to blogging every day, isn't it? Actually, it is, because here's my plan: I will just write shorter posts. These short posts will enable me to 1) decompress from my other responsibilities 2) shake off some writer's block 3) give me even *more* of a sense of accomplishment.


Ok, line in the sand, because all that up there is NOT my first short post. It starts riiiiiiighhhht



Clint and I went to Nashville a few weeks ago in October, to celebrate his 50th birthday, which was really last July. My gift to him was a mini vacay in the city of his choice, if the choices were either Las Vegas or Nashville. It took us until October to free up a weekend.

Oh, what fun we had! I have a new camera lens, so we lugged the giant Nikon around in the daytime, and left the tiny point-n-shoot for the nightlife. Between the two, we took a lot of photos. I categorize and toy with them when I have a few extra minutes in the evening. So far, the only "album" I have done is the trash cans. Heh. Nashville. Country Music Hall of Fame, Johnny Cash Museum, Ryman Theater, Bars and Music galore, new cowboy boots, and meeting a fellow blogger for the first time, after 7 years...and all I have ready for you is—ta duhhhh:

Trash Cans of Nashville

They are, at least, spectacular trash cans.

I doubt the rest of the trash I deliver on the this blog for the next month will be as spectacular.

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  1. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Sooooo, since you were focused on trash in Nashville, did you by any change take the Nash Trash tour? Oh my word, I peed my pants, I laughed so hard.


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