Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NaBloPoMo 20: Keepin' It Together

This time of year is always nuts for me, Thanksgiving is followed shortly after by the Soldier's Christmas Boxes event. It seems a bit crazier this year, as I've mentioned before that we've changed the name and are building a NEW organization called Operation Warrior Watch. We're closing in on finalizing the website at the same time we're rallying for the event.

Web pages must be written. Newspapers must be called. Customs forms have to be ordered. TV stations should be notified. Customs forms have to be filled out! Volunteers must gather. I need flat-rate boxes!

And I still, of course have a "real" job to do--a job I love mind you. And lucky us, a new computer management system is being installed in which weeks of training for most of us is necessary, so we're doubling up there also. No prooooblem.

Just when I think I've got it all under control, I get a couple more wonderful requests: to send beanie babies to children of deployed soldiers at a U.S. Army base, for an upcoming Christmas party. And more beanie babies to a naval company that is helping clean up the aftermath of the typhoon in the Phillipines. Funny, I was wondering what I'd do with all of the leftover beanies, after dismantling Toys for Troops, but the answer came to me.

I knew this crazy-crazy month was coming, though, and I prepared.

I prepared by joining a gym, thus taking about 90 more minutes out of my day.

I prepared by taking a vow to set aside a certain amount of time each day to maintain order. To put away my makeup and hairspray in the morning, so the vanity is clear. To load the dishwasher, when letting dishes sit in the sink until morning sounds great. To washing the makeup off of my face, and moisturizing, before I hit the sack. To staying on top of the pile of mail, and keeping my oil changed, and all of that jazz that is easy to put off.

I wondered, myself, if I wasn't a little crazy to commit myself to "higher standards" when I know, from experience, that this is all-hell-breaks-loose time. But in the end, being busy and having the kitchen tidy(ish) is a lot less stressful than watching the dishes pile up, and not waking up looking like hell from yesterday's makeup is a nicer way to start my day. Don't even get me started on  how much better I feel, physically and  mentally, for having gone to the gym.

So. Keepin It Together, yes.

At the same time, completely mentally prepared to lose my marbles as the day of the event grows closer, and at the same time, stay cool. Dishes will wait. Christmas for 350 Soldier Babies' babies will not.

 And of course, it's always easier with an assistant.

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